Home hairdressing salon: we give to hair volume from roots

Home hairdressing salon: we give to hair volume from roots

Voluminous and thick hair is not always generous gift of the nature. In skillful hands even the thinnest and easy as down, hair are capable to get quite impressive volume and enviable splendor.

Small cunnings of laying which is absolutely simple for mastering will help to give volume even to fine hair. And means for this purpose will be necessary the simplest and available: - Hairbrushes of various forms (skeletal, round, usual);

- Hair dryer with various nozzles; - Hair curlers;

- Means for laying and fixing of hairstyle.

All this, as a rule, is available in cosmetic arsenal of most of women. It is necessary only to learn to use skillfully all these simple tools, and people around will look with envy and admiration at your dense and magnificent head of hear. To give to hair volume at roots, styling mousse which is evenly distributed on hair from their basis to tips is required. Before it hair at will can be washed up and to dry slightly towel or to leave dry, but their purity – indispensable condition. After that, having armed with round brush of rather large diameter, raise hair lock behind lock and dry up phenom. Begin the procedure with the lower curls, style hair on the top in the last turn. Having raised hair at roots, you can lay them to the taste: to straighten the iron or to twirl in seductive curls.

It is possible to create beautiful curls most conveniently at the help of nippers.

For more reliable result use styling gel. Record ready hairstyle hairspray. Curls add to lightness hairstyle, and it should be used. Will help to create curlies for every taste hair curlers of various form. Large hair curlers will be suitable for creation of soft, natural waves on long hair. Therefore if you want to try on on yourself image of the romantic maiden, think of how quickly to grow hair. Also large hair curlers will allow to create volume, magnificent hairstyle from hair of average length. Hair curlers will allow to create on the head imagination from curls-spiralek. It is possible to twist both all hair, and separate locks. Termodigudi – express option, approach when time for creation of hairstyle is limited. Before twisting hair on hair curlers, they can be processed hairspray of weak fixing or mousse. The pile will allow to give quickly and effectively to hair the volume which is necessary. Having combed hair, you can visually increase considerably their density, but the technology of its creation has number of features: It is necessary to comb hair directly in that part which needs additional volume for the conceived hairstyle (bang, nape, the top).

Only hair at the basis are combed, the ends of locks remain natural.

It is possible to fix the combed hair varnish only when the hairstyle is ready finally, otherwise you risk to injure strongly hair when combing. For short hair the pile is not necessary at all. That the short hairstyle looked more volume, the phenom is enough to dry up of it, raising hair lock behind lock fingers at the basis and processing roots stream of hot air. Applying pile, you remember that such way of giving of volume harms hair and breaks their structure therefore it is necessary to use it whenever possible less often, and it is even better - to give preference to other methods of creation of volume hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team