Honey masks for different types of skin

Honey masks for different types of skin

Honey – unique natural product which is widely used in the cosmetic purposes. It moisturizes the dry skin, at the same time the useful substances which are contained in it, can have anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect on oily skin. Therefore masks on the basis of honey can be applied in skin care with any features.

Mask for dry skin

Structure of mask:

- 1 h honey spoon;

- 1 egg yolk;

- 1. tablespoon of heavy natural cream.

Mix honey with cream, add egg yolk and carefully mix before receiving homogenous mixture. Evenly distribute mask on the person and you hold about 20 minutes then wash warm water. It is the best of all to do such mask just before dream.

Mask for oily skin

Structure of mask:

- 1 egg white;

- 1 tablespoon of oat-flakes;

- 1 tablespoon of honey.

Crush in the blender oat flakes to condition of flour, carefully beat egg white by means of the mixer. Mix oatmeal with honey, add the beaten egg white and accurately mix, on consistence mix for mask has to remind dense sour cream. Put this mask on face for 20 minutes, then wash away it warm water.

Mask for normal skin

Structure of mask:

- 1 h honey spoon;

- 1 h spoon of apple juice;

- 1 egg yolk.

Mix honey with apple juice, add egg yolk and mix. Put mask on face for 15 minutes, then wash away warm water. Such honey mask will improve skin color and will raise its tone.

Mask for the combined skin

Structure of mask:

- 1 h honey spoon;

- 1 piece of black bread;

- 30 ml. milk;

 - 1 h spoon of fresh cottage cheese.

Soak bread piece in hot milk, add cottage cheese and honey and mix. Apply this mask to face skin for 20 minutes and wash away warm water then rinse face with cold water.

Contraindications to use of honey cosmetics

Honey masks will suit not all. Make sure that you have no allergy to beekeeping products. Honey cosmetics cannot also be applied in the presence of vascular "asterisks" on face. If you have diathesis, bronchial asthma or diabetes, then before use of honey masks it is recommended to consult with the doctor

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