Honey wrapping for weight loss

Honey wrapping for weight loss

Honey is source of health, beauty, good mood. For a long time honey was used as component in cosmetic procedures. Its relevance with centuries has not decreased at all: women from around the world prefer to use honey more often than all other natural components.

Honey wrapping – effective remedy in fight against excess fat

Honey helps to tighten and update skin, deletes old and dead cages, adds healthy gloss and softness. Besides, honey helps to get rid of cellulitis that as a result is visible on scales – up to 3 kilograms it is possible to lose honey wrappings alone, but it only if cellulitis and excess weight really take place to be. So, how it is the best of all to use honey for wrappings?

Honey wrapping in house conditions

The procedure of wrapping can be received and in beauty shops, then it is not necessary to dig up resource and ways, it is worth paying service only. But honey wrapping will cost far cheaper if to carry out it in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to stock up:

  • body scrub;
  • anti-cellulite cream;
  • liquid honey;
  • mustard;
  • oil, it is better olive;
  • food wrap (there will be enough 1 roll).

In the beginning it is necessary to prepare skin: it has to be clean, dry. The srub is necessary for peeling of the dead cages which are on the surface of skin. Now we prepare mask for body: for this purpose about 400 grams of honey (these are 10-15 tablespoons), 50-80 grams of mustard powder and 1 tablespoon of oil are necessary. All this it is necessary to mix and receive homogeneous mass.

This mix should be applied to skin and to turn back film in several layers. During honey wrapping it is better not to move, and to lie or sit, having wrapped up problem places with blanket or plaid. So mustard will quicker work, you will feel heat and burning. It is necessary to endure these feelings. But if skin literally "burns", then it is the best of all to wash away mask. It can mean hypersensibility to components or even allergy. Therefore before wrapping check yourself for tolerance of oil, mustard and honey.

Honey wrapping: recipes

It is necessary to carry out honey wrapping about 40 minutes. Instead of mustard it is possible to use red powder. But such mix needs to be prepared extremely carefully, it is the best of all to buy ready weight for wrappings to avoid burns.

To get rid of slight cellulitis, the wrapping based on other compounding will approach: it is necessary to mix honey and couple of drops of citrus essential oils. The rest of the procedure same, as at honey and mustard wrapping.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team