Hot manicure: what is it and as to execute it

Hot manicure: what is it and as to execute it

In beauty industry the hot manicure takes the worthy place. It is procedure for manicuring not only it is pleasant – it eliminates and treats cosmetic defects of nail and near-nail area. Available at the price, it can independently be carried out easily in house conditions.

What is hot manicure

Hot manicure is procedure of care for nails. Would be to tell more precisely than thermocare for finger-tips because full-fledged cut manicure is not carried out here. Skin of fingers gets warm in lotion rich with useful substances, is saturated with moisture, vitamins. The nail plate is restored, becomes stronger.

Effect of this procedure is directed to the general improvement of nail. The coarsened near-nail rollers are cleaned from the eaten dust, softened. The cuticle softly is eliminated. Growth of hangnails slows down.

Hands also do not stand aside. The session assumes use of large number of special means. Its surplus is distributed on hands, pleasant massage is carried out. Arising aromaeffekt weakens, reduces stress, improves mood.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure

The main indication to carrying out hot manicure – weak, lifeless nail. Besides:

  • dryness of skin, crack, firm painful hangnails;
  • restoration after nail extension;
  • consequences of use of household chemicals;
  • the thin, fragile, exfoliating nails;
  • the tired, dehydrated, withering skin;
  • prevention and just pleasure.

Can carry out warm manicure children, teenagers with the formed nail plate. Thermoleaving is shown to men: the technology allows to saturate the most rough skin of hands. Serves as excellent means for removal of muscular tension, articulate inflammations. It is useful to hands with close arrangement of vessels.

Contraindication are fungal diseases, open ulcers, wounds. Allergy, intolerance of components.

Technology of performance

The procedure of performance of warm manicure is simple and clear. This service is widely offered by beauty shops, masters at home. Difference from other procedures – use of the special device for heating and temperature maintenance of cosmetic lotion. So, step-by-step algorithm.

  • To remove varnish, to process hands disinfectant, paying special attention to finger-tips.
  • Using disposable bath, to warm the lotion which is specially intended for hot manicure to 40-45 degrees. To turn the device to position of maintenance of the necessary temperature.
  • Edges of nail were washed down, giving it the desirable form.
  • To lower fingers in warm lotion so that the cuticle has completely plunged into nutritious means. To take 10-15 minutes.
  • Quiet massage movements to rub lotion in nail plate and area around it.
  • The remains of means to apply on hands, to execute the general weakening massage.
  • To blot hands with clean napkin or damp cold fabric.
  • By means of bactericidal wooden stick it is delicate to remove cuticle. To smooth out accurately pterigiya.
  • To degrease nail plate the disinfector, to varnish.

It is convenient to spend hot manicure most at home. If there is no device, it is possible to take small capacity and to warm lotion on water bath. Any hand cream with addition of essential oil will be suitable for the procedure.

Unlike other procedures of nail service, hot manicure is available at the price, is simple performed by. The effect exceeds the most courageous expectations. Do its two once a month and enjoy result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team