House cosmetics: mask from parsley for the person

House cosmetics: mask from parsley for the person

House masks from natural components are very popular: they are simple in preparation, are safe and effective. For example, for face care the cosmetic prepared on the basis of parsley can be used.

Parsley is considered by right "gold reserves of vitamins". At its chemical composition there are thiamin (removes inflammation), potassium (moisturizes the skin), phosphorus (bleaches pigmental spots), ascorbic acid (fights against wrinkles), etc.

Cook the bleaching, toning, rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory and refreshing masks from parsley. This fragrant grass perfectly copes with problems of both young, and mature skin.

The only contraindication to use of mask from parsley for the person – individual intolerance.

At fat type of skin prepare mask from the following recipe for which are necessary: - 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt; - 1 tablespoons of the crushed parsley greens. Mix from these components is applied thick layer to the cleaned skin for 18-20 minutes. Wash away nutritious gruel cool boiled water. The cosmetic mix prepared according to this recipe not only deletes surplus of fat and normalizes work of sebaceous glands, but also bleaches skin, "muffling" the natural brightness of freckles. For moistening and nutrition of skin of dry type recommend to use the mask made from: - 150 g of greens of parsley; - 1.5-2 tablespoons of home-made sour cream. The fragrant grass crushed in gruel is mixed with sour cream. Then put pastelike weight on the cleaned face and leave mask for 13-15 minutes. Wash away cosmetic warm water. The rejuvenating action the mask from parsley possesses. For its preparation it is necessary to take: - grapefruit half; - 3 tablespoons of the crushed parsley greens; - 4 tablespoons of oat flakes; - 1 tablespoons of olive oil or oil from wheat germs. Oat flakes crush in flour, and from half of grapefruit wring out juice. Then all components connect, mix and put kashitseobrazny weight on the cleaned face. Hold the rejuvenating mask of 20-22 minutes, and later wash away warm boiled water. Removes puffiness, removes dark circles under eyes and also the mask made of the following components smoothes "goose pads": - 2 tsps of sour cream; - 1 tsps of the crushed parsley leaves. The mix prepared from these components is applied to eyelid skin and from above cover this area with damp cotton pad. In 15-17 minutes wash warm water.

The face is recommended to wipe daily with the cosmetic ice prepared from the parsley juice diluted with water (ratio 1:1) or fragrant greens decoction.

For face skin care use not only fragrant leaves of parsley, but also root of this plant. So, from root of parsley prepare the broth having the strong bleaching effect. For preparation of this "elixir" it is necessary to take: - 1 tablespoons of the crushed root; - 200 ml of water. The root is filled in with boiled water and bring mix to boiling, then ware with broth is removed from fire and leave means to cool down (at the same time capacity has to be covered). Further broth is filtered. Ready cosmetic can be used as tonic, to do compresses (they are left for 7-10 minutes) and also to add to masks. The result is noticeable after the first procedures: skin becomes more white and is more gentle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team