House face pack from honey - the tremendous recipe of youth and beauty

House face pack from honey - the tremendous recipe of youth and beauty

The masks from honey made in house conditions, the best assistants to women in fight for youth and beauty. It is fine alternative to expensive creams and masks of various domestic and foreign manufacturers. The efficiency of honey in cosmetics is proved. If regularly to use useful qualities of honey in house masks, the result will be tremendous.

 House face pack with honey - natural product which is capable to become excellent cosmetic and the remedy returning youth and granting to skin pleasant freshness and natural beauty. We have got used to use it at colds and diseases, but have forgotten about its qualities for beauty and appeal. And honey has unique abilities: softens skin, smoothes wrinkles, pulls together time, removes reddenings on face and also heals hems and small scars. This component is often used by the well-known cosmetic companies for the creams and masks, however similar products with honey can cost rather much.

The mask with honey prepared in house conditions - fine replacement to expensive cosmetics. In the easy and inexpensive way it is possible to gain great effect. However before cooking mask from honey, it is necessary to check whether is not present at the person of allergy to this product. It is rather simple to make it. It is necessary to apply a little honey to skin near neck or elbow, especially sensitive places on human body here. If there is no reaction, it is possible to cook mask from honey safely.

Mask with honey and egg - the easiest in preparation and the house mask, minimum on expenses. In order that one yolk and only one tea spoon of honey will be required to prepare it. Ingredients need to be mixed and applied to skin. It is possible to keep on face such mask no more than fifteen minutes. And it is necessary to wash away it warm water. This magic mask from egg and honey will present to woman's face surprising freshness, will a little clarify skin, will make it gentle, humidified, soft and barkhatisto nice on the touch.

Mask from honey, egg yolk and juice of carrots – the excellent cosmetic made in house conditions. It is necessary to hold on face mix only twenty minutes, then to wash away the boiled water mixed with milk. Carrots possess the excellent bleaching means, honey heals wounds, hems, small scars and reddenings, gives to skin beautiful healthy view. Therefore the similar mask from honey, yolk and juice of carrots has surprising effect which will please each woman. If it is correct to use masks from honey, it will be possible to replace with similar means with ease expensive rejuvenating and moistening cream from shops of cosmetics. And skin will be always healthy and attractive that all people around will be able to notice

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team