House face packs from skin peeling

House face packs from skin peeling

Peeling of skin is widespread problem which owners of all types of skin face. To return to the shelled integument appeal and smoothness, recommend to use medical masks of both industrial, and house production.

Medical process consists dead cages (for this purpose use soft srubs) and moistening of skin by means of special cosmetics at a distance.

The oat cleaning mix for the shelled skin

For preparation of such srub it is necessary to take the following ingredients:

- 1 tablespoons of oat flakes; - pinch of baking soda;

- a little cooled boiled water. Oat flakes crush in the coffee grinder in flour, mix with soda and dissolve this mix with water (the dense pastelike weight has to turn out). The cleaning mix is applied to moist skin, gently massed 2-3 minutes, paying special attention to strongly shelled sites, and later wash away cool boiled water.

Egg peeling

To prepare srub, such products will be necessary: - egg yolk; - 1 tsps of sour cream; - 1 tsps of the egg shell crushed in flour. Components mix then plentifully cover with the turned-out gruel integument, hold mask of 3-5 minutes and wash away warm boiled water. The mask prepared according to this recipe not only is remarkably cleaned the shelled skin, but also perfectly humidifies it.

The moisturizing cosmetic mix on the basis of vegetable oil

Recipe of this remedy is as follows: - 1.5 tablespoons of honey; - 1 tablespoons of almond, grape or peach oil. Nutritious mix is applied to the cleaned skin, left for 13-15 minutes and washed away boiled water of comfortable temperature.

Milk mixed vegetables for moistening of the shelled skin

As a part of this moisturizing cosmetic there are following components: - 1 tablespoon crushed in the blender is fresher than some carrots; - milk; - 1 tablespoons of oat flakes. The oat flakes crushed in flour mix with carrot puree and dilute this mix with warm milk (the weight on consistences reminding sour cream has to turn out). Cover with ready structure the purified skin, leave mix for 15-17 minutes then wash away cool boiled water.

Cottage cheese mix for the shelled skin

This medical mask is prepared from the following components: - 1 tsps of semolina; - 2 tsps of cottage cheese; - almond oil. Semolina is mixed with cottage cheese and add so much oil to receive dense pastelike weight. The mask is applied to clean moist skin, left for 15-18 minutes then residues of nutritious mix delete with dry tissue and wash warm boiled water.

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