House face packs: whether there is advantage?

House face packs: whether there is advantage?

The environment, addictions, stresses do to face skin huge harm. Many find rescue for the skin in beauty shops, but it is possible to provide worthy protection to epidermis even if to use what is near at hand.

For updating, strengthening and rejuvenation of face skin masks by right are considered as one of the best means. They are various – professional, for use in salons, means for daily application. And still there are masks made in house conditions on recipes of mothers and grandmothers, checked by time and experience. Advantages of all types of masks are indisputable, but only in case they are picked up correctly, in compliance with type of skin and the existing problems.

Huge number of modern women give preference to folk remedies on skin care and do masks, often of what is near at hand and look at the same time charmingly, their skin shines, is filled with energy and freshness. And disputes on advantage and efficiency of house masks do not cease since that long-distance time when the first jar with this wonderful means made in industrial conditions was published.

What it is possible to make mask for house skin of

The structure of house masks for face skin can be various – on the basis of sour cream or cream, honey, olive oil, pulp or juice of fruit, berries or vegetables. But before giving preference to one of these ingredients, nevertheless it is recommended to visit the cosmetologist as only the professional is capable to define what problems of skin need to be solved first of all and what substances will be able to help with it.

Masks on the basis of honey, whey, egg bedk, juice of lemon and bran perfectly cope with problems of oily skin of the person. For intensive dry skin care which the mask has to provide other ingredients are necessary absolutely. Such type of epidermis needs moistening and mitigation, the strengthened protection, and both from cold air in the winter, and from the hot sun in the flying. Milk or cream, oil of olive or egg yolk, rye bread or pulp of banana will give to dry skin worthy leaving and protection. It is necessary to apply masks to previously cleaned skin, to maintain them not less than 10 minutes, and it is desirable to wash away them warm infusion of herbs.

Whether the masks made in house conditions are useful

There is set of opinions of professional cosmetologists on advantage and harm of masks of house production. But long experience of their application visually proves that they are not less effective at all, than some professional tools from this group of the looking after cosmetics. The right choice of ingredients, their compliance to type of skin and to those problems which they have to solve is and there is guarantee of their success and efficiency.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team