House lamination of hair

House lamination of hair

Lamination of hair - processing by special structure which smoothes structure of hair and envelops the thinnest film. Thanks to it hair are protected from harmful effects of the environment.

One of the easiest and reliable ways of lamination of hair - visit of beauty shop. However it is the procedure not from cheap because of the high cost of material. It is possible to make lamination of hair in house conditions by means of special structures which are on sale in professional shops for hairdressers. But there is both easier and available way - house lamination hair gelatin. Advantages are obvious: low cost, safety of application, naturalness of materials. After the first procedure your hair will become more smooth, brilliant and strong.

There are several ways to make gelatinous lamination: on clean hair and on not washed up. For the first way prepare the laminating structure. Take one tablespoon of gelatin, add 3-4 spoons of water and leave to bulk up for 15 minutes. It is important that gelatin was completely dissolved, and mass has turned out homogeneous. If nevertheless there were lumps, warm up it on water bath, without bringing to boiling. Add balm, the conditioner or mask for hair to mix. The procedure will be more effective if to enrich structure with natural oils and ethers. Apply mix on previously washed up hair, wrap the head polyethylene and towel. Then it is possible to warm up phenom in addition. In 20-30 minutes carefully wash hair with warm water.

There is one more way of house gelatinous lamination, it takes more time and includes two phases. Prepare structure as it is described in the first way, only instead of balm or mask add shampoo. Pay attention that the amount of shampoo has to be slightly more, than gelatinous weight. Also at will enrich with oils and apply structure on not washed up hair. Wrap the head polyethylene and towel. Such structure needs to be stood on hair of 40 minutes till two o'clock, then to wash away by means of shampoo. Prepare in the same way gelatinous mix for the second phase, but instead of shampoo add mask or balm. Similarly stand structure on hair and wash away warm water. Surely you dry hair in the natural way without use of the hair dryer. After the first procedure of house lamination your hair will change: will gain healthy gloss, will become soft and silky.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team