House manicure: how to prolong firmness

House manicure: how to prolong firmness

Manicure is designed to make our hands beautiful and well-groomed, but the cracks and chips which have appeared on it later literally couple of days after drawing will cause literally boomerang effect. However, if to do manicure in house conditions for all rules, then it will reduce time of care for nails.

It is required to you

  • - basic covering,
  • - main covering,
  • - finishing covering.


1. The first that needs to be made for extension of firmness of manicure – correctly to be prepared. It is necessary to wash hands before putting varnish the soap which is not containing lanolin. Lanolin is designed to nourish skin as animal fat is its part. But at this stage before us it is made opposite task – as much as possible to degrease hands. After washing and careful drying of hands it is necessary to degrease nails liquid for varnish removal. In its structure there should not be oils too, otherwise the equal covering will not manage to achieve.

2. The basic covering is pledge of resistant and beautiful manicure, it levels nail plate, filling microcracks. So many girls in vain refuse colourless covering, applying the main varnish at once. The colourless basis is applied on nail completely, time for drying – up to seven minutes if you do manicure in house conditions.

3. Main covering: varnish will lay down evenly if hands when drawing manicure are on horizontal surface. Varnish is applied with thin layer twice at an interval of 7 minutes.

4. Touch-up which will help to make house manicure more resistant – top covering. The colourless fixing varnish not only will save manicure from cracks and chips, but also will make it saturated and glossy. Finishing varnish is applied only on well dried up color layer. The small cunning for a long time prolonging manicure life: the finishing covering should be put through everyone couple of days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team