House mask for those to whom for 40. We prepare correctly

House mask for those to whom for 40. We prepare correctly

After 40 flyings the face care has to be directed to toning and skin nourishment. At regular application correctly picked up house face packs will be not less effective, than the saloon rejuvenating procedures.

To completely cancel influence of time for appearance not in forces any cosmetic. And here to slow down withering and to keep elasticity of skin as long as possible – task quite feasible. Due to the natural delay of metabolism the upper layer of the skin becomes thinner, loses moisture. It is possible to offset loss of nutrients outside, applying masks on the basis of honey.

Mix tablespoon of honey and the egg white beaten in foam, thicken mix with oatmeal and put on the cleaned face. Lie down in comfortable position for 20 minutes. Wash away mask at first warm water, then cold. Do not wipe skin towel, let's moisture be absorbed. Finish the procedure putting the soft moisturizing cream suitable your type of skin.

If you observe allergy to honey, replace it with glycerin.

Aloe juice well influences the dehydrated and tired skin. To prepare the most useful mask with aloe, it is necessary to take the cut-off leaves of plant in the fridge several days. Crush in the mixer or miss several leaves of aloe via the meat grinder. Add spoon of white honey or glycerin and contents of the capsule of oil solution of vitamin E to pulp. For achievement of the necessary consistence use starch or oatmeal. Time of influence of mask: 30 minutes.

All masks are put on massage lines from below up.

The course of masks from starch will become alternative to pricks of Botox. Dissolve tablespoon of potato starch in 100 g of cold boiled water. Pour liquid in small pan, pour in glass of boiled water and you cook on average fire until thick. Mix 3 tablespoons of fresh carrot juice with spoon of sour cream and add to mix. Several drops of essential oil of orange will strengthen the rejuvenating action. Apply mask to skin brush or cotton pad. In 25 minutes wash and put habitual cream on face. The noticeable lifting effect is reached after the 3rd application.

The mask can be stored in the fridge no more than 3 days.

With age also production of collagen – the substance which is responsible for elasticity of skin decreases. The gelatinous mask will help to cope with this problem. The tablespoon of edible gelatin is filled in with 5 spoons of cold milk or cream. If skin is inclined to fat content, use calendula broth. Let's gelatin bulk up. Kindle the received weight on water bath and add the beaten egg white. Put on face and neck wide brush. It is desirable to lay down and relax. Do not talk and do not strain facial muscles. In 15 minutes wash warm, and then cold water. Use habitual night cream.

When heating gelatin do not allow liquid boiling.

At pronounced age ptoz (skin obvisaniye) and the second chin it is recommended to put gelatinous mask with the help of bandage. Impregnate bandage with structure and put on face and neck on massage lines. In 20 minutes remove bandages and wash. During autumn summer season cook natural house masks from fresh fruit. Pulp of apricot, fig or peach mixes up with low-fat cottage cheese and is put for 20 minutes. Cut grapes berries in half and put on face, wash away in 15 minutes. Use nature gifts in skin care and the face will long remain young and shining.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team