House mask from oat flakes: food, clarification, moistening

House mask from oat flakes: food, clarification, moistening

Masks from oat flakes are unique the fact that they are suitable for any type of skin. By addition of various ingredients it is possible to create from usually oat-flakes fine cosmetic for food, clarification and moistening.

Useful properties of grits are scientifically proved long ago. Porridge from porridge well influences digestive system of the person, reduces cholesterol level in blood, cleans intestines, helps to cope with dysbacteriosis, improves condition of skin. Masks from grits enjoy wide popularity around the world. They are safe for skin, are effective, available to any purse and easily compete to expensive saloon procedures.

The correct preparation of masks from porridge

Porridge in pure form is suitable for owners of the fat and combined skin. The mask for dry skin is supplemented with cream, coconut or almond oil, sometimes yolks of eggs. For preparation oat flakes mill previously cream mask in the coffee grinder to condition of flour. For srub use more coarse grinding which can achieve, having overwound oat-flakes in the meat grinder or by crushing in the coffee grinder no more than 2 seconds.

If there is no coffee grinder, then it is possible to crush gerkulesovy flakes by means of the ordinary meat grinder.

The nutritious mask from ovsyankistolovy spoon of oat-flakes is filled in with the boiling milk. Milk has to cover flakes completely. Everything carefully to mix and leave before swelling for 5-10 minutes. The turned-out warm gruel is put on face and maintained 15 minutes. Then wash away massage movements. Such mask perfectly nourishes skin. For bigger efficiency we recommend to add half of tablespoon of one of ingredients to gruel: honey, sour cream, banana or butter. The cleaning face pack For effective clarification two tablespoons of grits fill in with boiled water and leave for swelling. In 10 minutes add tablespoon of juice of orange or lemon and soda on knife tip to gruel. The mask is put on face and maintained 15 minutes. Then wash away large amount of water. The cleaning and tonic mask for withering to kozhizavarita strong tea. Take two tablespoons of oat-flakes and fill in with tea so that liquid completely covered oat-flakes. Leave for 15 minutes before swelling. Then add to porridge teaspoon of warm honey and as much juice of lemon or orange. You put mask on face and neck. In 15 minutes wash away at first warm, then to wipe skin with ice cube.

To achieve the bleaching effect, from tea it is possible to add a little sour cream to mask or lemon juice.

Deep ochishcheniyedlya deep cleansing and narrowing of time we recommend to take the crushed oat flakes and ground coffee on two pinches. To mix everything and to fill in with boiled water. Flakes have to bulk up well. For this purpose gruel from oat-flakes and coffee is covered dense leave so on quarter of hour. The turned-out gruel needs to be put on face and to rub accurately massage movements of 3-5 minutes. Then to leave mask before drying approximately for 10 minutes and only then to wash away with milk for washing. Moisturizing mask from oat hlopyevk to tablespoon of flakes add one chicken yolk and tablespoon of olive or almond oil. You apply to skin the easy stroking movements. Carefully distribute all gruel on skin, avoiding century and areas around lips. In 15 minutes wash away warm water and apply the moisturizing cream. Instead of olive oil it is possible to use curdled milk, fat kefir or butter. Regular use of face packs from oat flakes guarantees ideal skin and fresh complexion.

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