House masks for elasticity of skin

House masks for elasticity of skin

Loss of elasticity of skin is age phenomenon which practically all women face. However you should not run in drugstore and to buy expensive creams – there is set of simple and available means which will help to return elasticity to skin.

Quite plain and effective mask for elasticity of face skin – on one tablespoon of honey, ground flakes of "Oat-flakes" and coconut milk carefully mix. Apply mask to previously cleaned face skin for half an hour. Musk needs to wash away at first warm water, and then cool. This mask needs to be done three times a week.

It is also possible to make cucumber mask – mix tablespoon of cucumber juice with the same amount of heavy cream and pure teaspoon, shake up in dense foam and put on face for 6-8 minutes. It is necessary to take off this mask damp gauze or towel, and then just to rinse face with cold water.

Councils for maintaining elasticity of skinIt is very simple to keep way elasticity of skin – to use vegetable oils, for example olive for face care. Just oil the person - so you will provide your skin with necessary vitamins and mineral substances. Any masks as a part of which there are honey and egg yolk help to return elasticity of skin. Such masks not only give the noticeable tightening effect, but also will enrich skin with useful substances.

The excellent toning and tightening means – fruit ice. Wring out juice from any citrus, dilute with mineral water and freeze, and then just wipe face with cube of this ice.

Not less effective remedy for skin – plain gelatin. You can use such means – 15 grams of gelatin to fill in 200 ml of water, to add a little glycerin and teaspoon of fresh juice of lemon. This means it is necessary to hold quarter of hour on face, and then to wash away carefully cool water.

Also pay attention to your food – the more vitamins B your diet and the less than fat, smoked and salty products, the your skin will be better to look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team