House masks for growth of hair

House masks for growth of hair

Slowly growing hair quite often cause feeling of disappointment and irritation, especially if short hairstyles have managed to bother and there is a wish to carry hairstyles with graceful curls. Can be the cause of the slowed-down growth as genetic factors, endocrine diseases, and the problems caused by the wrong hair care. House masks for growth and density of hair will help to correct leaving errors.

The slowed-down growth, dim color, hair loss, emergence of split ends often cause incorrectly picked up cosmetics, bad blood circulation and malnutrition of hair bulbs. Advantage of masks to growth of the hair prepared in house conditions is that for their production natural ingredients which can be picked up taking into account specific features of organism are used.

Oil mask

Irreplaceable means for prevention of hair loss and active stimulation of their growth is sesame oil. Masks with its use effectively recover lifeless curls, eliminate their dryness and fragility, promotes growth of hair, treat the angry head skin.

For preparation of the most plain and fast mask it is recommended to take liquid natural honey, sesame and burdock oil in equal quantities, to warm up mix on water bath. Then, softly massing head skin, to rub mask in roots of hair and to distribute evenly on all their length. Mix is kept on hair within hour, having warmed the head towel.

Natural blondes are recommended to use mask with care since at frequent application sesame oil gives to hair dark shade.

Exotic mask

Not less effective mask for strengthening of hair and stimulation of their growth the mix prepared from 2 tablespoons of argan oil, 1 tsp of powder of spirulina, several drops of vitamin E and 1 tablespoon of black therapeutic mud of broad spectrum of activity is considered. The mask is suitable only for dark hair since has the painting effect. Blondes are recommended to replace therapeutic mud with honey.

Also well mix from juice and pulp of papaya, egg yolk and B7 vitamin (biotin) influences structure of fair hair. The mask not only stimulates growth of hair, but also adds them softness, gloss, restores after numerous colourings or hot laying.

The warming mask

Masks should be applied to growth of hair which part the ingredients strengthening blood circulation of head skin are with care if head skin is inclined to irritation, hair are strongly overdried, there is individual intolerance of separate components. Mustard, pepper and ginger masks are considered as the most popular; it is necessary to apply them only on roots of hair, washing away at the first signs of intolerable burning.

The ginger mask is prepared, grating root of plant and carefully wringing out juice which with cotton tampon is applied on hair. For strengthening of effect it is possible to add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tsp of juice of aloe to mask.

The good warming effect the mask from 1 tablespoon of the pharmaceutical tincture of red pepper mixed with equal amount of burdock or olive oil and nutritious hair balm has. Time of influence of mask has to be about 15 minutes.

For preparation of mustard mask it is necessary to take 2 tablespoons of burdock oil, the same amount of mustard powder, fresh chicken yolk and 1 tsp of granulated sugar. Mustard is parted with small amount of hot water, add other ingredients and applied on roots of hair. It is necessary to wash away mask warm water – at high temperatures mustard is baked and hardly washed away from hair.

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