House masks for skin in eyes

House masks for skin in eyes

The chronic sleep debt, constant stresses adversely affect skin in eyes. As a result, wrinkles, hypostases, dark circles under eyes appear. House recipes will come to the rescue.


1. Basic reason of appearance of wrinkles, along with stresses and smoking, is the active mimicry in combination with raised by dryness of skin. House masks on the basis of oils quickly recover skin, feeding and moistening it. For example, masks on the basis of oil of sea-buckthorn and cocoa are very effective. Mix from equal parts of vitamin E and oils of sea-buckthorn and cocoa needs to be applied on area under eyes, in 15 minutes to get wet, having left the rest on all night long.

2. From shadows under the eyes the mask from potatoes very well helps. About 30 g of grated crude potatoes will be required. It is mixed from 30 g of flour and warm milk. Further the received mix is imposed for 10 minutes on the closed eyes.

3. The most plain mask is the carefully crushed parsley applied on eye area for 15 minutes. Also well the cucumbers which are small crushed, and mixed with equal quantity of coriander and spoon of sour cream will help. Such structure for 20-25 minutes is caused, and then washes off.

4. Constant puffiness of eyes can speak about problems with exchange processes in organism. Diseases of thyroid gland, allergy, hormonal reorganizations and chronic fatigue can influence exchange processes of liquid in organism. Masks from the crushed parsley greens with sour cream and compresses from crude grated potatoes will help with these cases.

5. The compress from broth of curative herbs is very effective. For example, it is infusion of calendula, camomile. Warm compresses are applied on eyelids for 10 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team