House moisturizing masks for the person

House moisturizing masks for the person

Face skin needs moistening not only in the winter when frost on the street and dry air in rooms overdry it. In the flying skin also loses moisture from influence of the sun, it is only shown not so quickly. Not to receive the dehydrated skin by fall, it is necessary to take care of it while there are warm days. It is possible to use the ready moistening cosmetic masks, and it is possible to do them of natural products.

House moisturizing masks for the person of own preparation are preparing just before use, the portion at the same time becomes on once as natural mixes are not subject to storage. For the best effect of mask the optimum frequency of their application two-three times a week are imposed by course from 10 to 20 procedures.

Dry skin especially needs moistening. But masks for it have to be still at the same time and nutritious. The effective mask turns out from the oat flakes ground in powder, the same amount of the mashed strawberry, the crushed wheat sprouts (or wheat germ oil) and honey. It is better to shake up components in paste the blender. It is necessary to take this mix on face about half an hour, then to remove the remains damp sponge, to rinse face with water.

With oat flakes it is possible to do also other options of masks. For example, to weld them in milk that porridge has turned out. To condemn it to warmish state, to add honey. The tasty mask is ready. It is quickly possible to prepare mask from banana. To knead half of this fruit, to add sour cream or cream, to smear gruel on the person. Well also the laminaria moisturizes the dry skin. With these seaweed which are previously soaked in warm water it is possible to mix yolk, any oil or glycerin. Masks from fresh fruit and vegetables well will be suitable for the normal and combined skin. They are allowed to be done even daily. It is possible to use nature gifts in pure form or to mix with other components. For example, for moisturizing mask carrots or apple very small are rubbed, mix up with starch. It is possible to drip also cream. Or such option when pulp of apricot or peach frays with cottage cheese or sour cream. The mask is ready. Oily skin also should be moisturized. Only oils and fats in masks are not used any more. It is possible to apply fruit (especially acid), any vegetables and to add to them low-fat kefir or the beaten egg white. The mask from the mashed plum pulp and egg white gives good effect. Plum has to be very ripe. Still the good recipe for moistening of oily skin. It is necessary to take banana half, on teaspoon of kefir and honey, small green tea (to pour out it from one tea bag). To grind everything and to put on face. All these masks keep on skin of 15-20 minutes, are washed away by warm water, and in conclusion the face is rinsed with water cool.

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