House peeling for beautiful skin

House peeling for beautiful skin

Need for holding regular procedures of peeling for the modern woman is not necessary under doubt for a long time: to have porcelain, smooth and well-groomed skin, it is important to provide it the corresponding care.

The house peeling copes with this task at all not worse than saloon procedures: skin is leveled, its color improves, the elasticity increases, pigmentation becomes more pale, pores are narrowed. It is possible to achieve such result correctly having picked up under the type skin ingredients for peeling.

3 tablespoons of granular cottage cheese of the increased fat content mix with olive or linseed oil (1 teaspoon) and tablespoon of rice flour. It is easy to receive flour if to process rice in the ordinary coffee grinder. Components mix before obtaining creamy weight, put on face, is accurate it massing, and leave for influence for 10 minutes then wash away warm water.

Means well tones up, refreshes and bleaches skin. At peeling primeniya for dry skin it is recommended to apply the moisturizing cream after holding procedure.

The natural honey (about 2 tablespoons) which is warmed up on water bath is mixed with one dessertspoon of a little diluted lemon juice and the same amount of wheat bran or oatmeal. Warm mix is put on face on massage lines, left for 10-15 minutes, then washed away warm water.

When using clean honey, without additives, the peeling is recommended to be carried out the easy patting movements of finger-tips. Warm, liquid honey is "driven in" into face, avoiding eye area. The procedure causes rush of blood therefore it is not recommended to be seen off if on face there are expanded vessels.

Pulp of half of the peeled orange is mixed with dessertspoon of weak coffee thick and two teaspoons of slightly warmed up honey. Mix is applied to skin, carefully it is massed and washed away at first warm, and then cool water. The peeling is not suitable for skin with open wounds and irritations.

One tablespoon of fresh lemon juice is parted with boiled warm water in proportion 1:1 and moisten cotton pad in the turned-out solution then vatu powder with small amount of granulated sugar. Skin is massed accurate movements within 2-3 minutes, then carefully rinsed with cool water.

This procedure is suitable only for the oily skin inclined to obstruction of time and emergence of rashes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team