House pimples medicines

House pimples medicines

Eels, acne, pimples are inflammation of sebaceous glands. Can be the causes of eels: improper feeding, addictions, non-compliance with rules of hygiene and even heredity. Treatment of acne - long process. Therefore it is necessary to be patient and to observe all recommendations.

1. Tea tree oil is one of the most popular means for treatment of acne rash. It possesses antibacterial action and kills microbes. Tea tree oil can be used in undiluted look. You apply it twice a day on each heat-spot. For convenience use Q-tip. It is also possible to add several drops of tea tree in half-glass of water and to wipe with the turned-out lotion skin in the morning and in the evening.

2. Apple cider vinegar. Try to wipe skin with the cotton tampon moistened in apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar dries heat-spots and perfectly reduces hypostases and inflammation.

3. The peppermint is rich with substances which have anti-inflammatory action and help with fight against eels. Make juice of leaves of mint and wipe skin. For strengthening of effect it is possible to add a little powder of turmeric to juice. Also use essential oil of mint for pointed treatment of eels.

4. The cucumber possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. Grate cucumber and put this gruel to places of defeat by eels.

5. Garlic also helps to reduce inflammation. Peel garlic glove, cut it in half and wipe with it heat-spots.

6. Strawberry leaves. After consumption of strawberry or wild strawberry, do not throw out leaves as they can be useful in treatment of pimples. Leaves need to be kneaded and put well to defeat zone pimples.

7. The trigonella helps to struggle with pimples and removes irritation of skin. You put the crushed leaves of trigonella as the cleaning face pack.

8. Juice of carrots contains set of the vitamins useful to skin. Therefore it will be useful to drink glass of carrot juice daily. The same treats also beet juice.

9. Zinc. Researches have proved that regular consumption of zinc helps treatment of eels. The products containing zinc: oysters, liver, meat, pine nuts, peanut, peas, haricot, processed cheese, buckwheat, porridge.

10. Vitamin A possesses antioxidant action and promotes the shining, healthy skin. The products containing vitamin A: liver, ramson, guelder-rose, garlic, butter, broccoli, sour cream.

11. Vitamin E is also natural antioxidant and eliminates free radicals who can cause skin inflammations. The products containing vitamin E: nuts, dried apricots, sea-buckthorn, dogrose, spinach, squid, sorrel, salmon, porridge.

12. Water. The persons suffering from acne are recommended to consume not less than one liter of water a day. Water washes away toxins from organism and promotes skin moistening.

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