House srubs for various types of skin

House srubs for various types of skin

Women of different age wish to have faultlessly pure beautiful leather. And for this purpose the correct leaving by means of cleaning, moistening, nutritious and other cosmetic means is required. Now the choice of such means – creams, lotions, srubs is widely presented at the market. But also national recipes according to which it is possible to prepare effective and safe srubs in house conditions have not stood aside.

Srubs have in themselves two components: the softening basis for moistening of skin and solid particles for clarification. First of all when choosing care product for skin it is necessary to consider that each type of skin demands certain influence. Ingredients for srub select skin for your type. Surely consider that oily skin requires narrowing of time, and for dry – food and moistening. Ground grain – porridge, rice, semolina well will be suitable for solid particles. It is also possible to use salt, sugar, the crushed stones of apricot, grapes. As liquid foundation it is possible to use various oils – olive, fruit, rosemary. Well nutritious creams, children's soap, glycerin will approach.

Strawberry srub

It is made in two ways:

1.         Olive oil counting on several small ripe berries is required. Strawberry to knead, mix with oil.

2.         The second srub consists of berries of strawberry, pink clay and sour cream. It is necessary to pound several berries, to add teaspoon of pink clay and tablespoon of sour cream.

Sugar srub

To prepare srub from sugar, directly sugar (reed or white), cream, sour cream and nutritious cream is required. The sugar srub well is suitable for dry skin, humidifies and softens it.

Srub from porridge

This srub will make skin more elastic and fresh. That to prepare it, it will be required to mix oat flakes with cream or milk are crushed. It is possible to use honey or pulp of fruit as nutritious basis.

Coffee srub

The universal option suitable almost all-type skin is the coffee srub. The coffee thick acts as firm component. And according to type of skin it needs to be mixed with suitable ingredients. With the moisturizing cream or yogurt of coffee mix for fat type of skin. If to mix coffee with olive oil, egg yolk and cottage cheese, then such option well nourishes dry skin.

Such srubs are applied 1-2 times a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team