How as much as possible to accelerate growth of hair

How as much as possible to accelerate growth of hair

One of the main feminine values – healthy and beautiful hair. The long curls attracting men's all eyes and never getting out of fashion have special magnetism. Growth of hair wants to be accelerated as much as possible, but what effective methods to choose for this purpose?

The reason of the slowed-down growth of hair most often consists in deficiency of nutrients and weak blood circulation. If the organism ceases to cope with providing head skin with the necessary nutrients, follicles become passive – they keep the functions, but hair at the same time grow very slowly. This situation will be corrected by the healthy and good nutrition providing receipt in organism of necessary vitamins and microelements.

The following step to acceleration of growth of hair is the correct leaving which in addition provides beauty and health of smart curls. It is not recommended to dry hair phenom without urgent need. It is necessary to minimize also use of irons, curling irons, gels and hairsprays which provoke fragility of hair. The most negative impact on hair is made by chemical wave.

Shampoos and balms need to be chosen strictly according to type of hair. Brushes and hairbrushes should not injure either head skin, or hair. It is necessary to do massage of head skin (special hairbrush or fingers) to improve blood circulation thanks to which follicles receive oxygen and all necessary for rapid growth of hair.

It is necessary to visit the hairdresser at least once a month to straighten tips – it helps to accelerate growth of hair. Even when hair begin to grow much quicker, it is worth to remember about care for them. Regular moistening without which hair break during intensive growth is especially important. It is possible to do moisturizing masks according to national recipes or to use ready conditioners, sprays or elixirs for deep moisturizing. The most terrible enemy of hair is rigid diets. It is necessary to refuse them, having given preference to the healthy and balanced nutrition with large amount of clear water. Observing simple councils, it is possible not only to accelerate growth of hair, but also to make curls incredibly beautiful and healthy, attracting all eyes of men and causing envy in women.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team