How at home to look after nails

How at home to look after nails

The fashion for manicure changes, but just well-groomed nails never leave it. It is possible not to watch recent trends, but the accuracy all the same will be stylish and beautiful. So, how to achieve it without great efforts and expenses?

How to look after house nails

Manicure is cut and not cut. In the first case the cuticle is removed by mechanical method, it is cut off small nozhnichka. In the second use special its removal cream.

That will learn to do manicure of the house and to define what look to you is the most suitable — it is necessary to go several times to salon and to observe work of the master. Ask questions of means which are used, of technicians. All this is useful to you to do the same independently.

At the same time some devices will be necessary for you: small nozhnichka with thin edges, glass nail file, stick for cuticle, protective or medical coating and nail varnishes at will.

How to do house manicure

Manicure begins to be done with podpilivaniye of nails. Choose form which is pleasant to you and nail file give it to nail. Movements have to be only in one party from edge to the center. It is not recommended to drive nail file in different directions very much, it leads to stratification.

Then it is necessary to put means for cuticle if you do not cut manicure, for 3-4 minutes. Later lower hands in special bath with salt for 10-15 minutes. Then blot hands with napkin and again apply cream on cuticle for 3 minutes. After that remove with special stick cuticle together with cream. If suddenly there are skin pieces which look not esthetically — remove them with scissors. Usually good effect which is not demanding trimming steps on 3-4 times.

If manicure cut, then just steam out hands in bath, and then remove with tweezers all cuticle.

The next stage — covering protective layer. The possibility of the choice of various means is for this purpose huge. It is possible to pick up something for fragile nails or thin, weakened, dim, etc. The layer is applied on nail and it needs to dry within several minutes.

Color varnishes are used in consequence. The choice of color, the drawing depends only on your imagination. Ways to decorate nails great variety. It is possible to pick up it in specialized departments for nails. If you want just not striking manicure, it is possible to cover with colourless varnish.

To make the nails beautiful and well-groomed, it will be required all about half an hour. Or it is slightly more if decide to make the difficult drawing. This time is insignificant how your hands will beautifully look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team