How cardinally to change externally

How cardinally to change externally

There are many ways to change the appearance to unrecognizability. To change itself without use of plastic surgery the easiest to women. It is possible to resort to the help of cosmetologists, stylists and hairdressers.

It is required to you

  • To change hairstyle, to change clothes style, to use services of plastic surgeons


1. For various reasons the person makes the decision to change the appearance. It can be promoted by changes of heart, desire to change the life and to start everything anew, desire to hide and disappear from public eyes. Large number of the performed plastic surgeries is explained by their availability. Not only women, but also men express desire to change the person and body by means of surgical intervention. Most often to operation there are no serious indications, there is only one argument - to change itself. Women aged do operations on face lifting to get rid of wrinkles and to raise eyelids. With ease it is possible to change shape of nose, to remove small hump, to make it slightly hitched up or not such wide. Even it is possible to change complexion and to turn from the mulatto into the white person.

2. For full transformation of appearance it is necessary to consider all nuances. Color of eyes can become another by means of special lenses. Experienced orthodontists are able to change even bite at the person then to change the lower part of the person. All these interventions of surgeons do not take place completely if operation was conducted by the experienced doctor, then can and there will be no serious complications, the patient will be happy with everything and in few months will begin habitual life.

3. It is no secret that the hairstyle and make-up can change the person very strongly. Women with ease turn from blondes into brunettes or into burning ginger devils. Also length of hair will vary: from short to smart curls. Already it is not necessary to raise for years braid, it is possible just to use services of hairdressers in hair extension. The hairstyle even visually changes face form of the person.

4. The new make-up is capable to change appearance too. Shooters on centuries it is possible to model section of eyes. Blush is necessary for underlining of cheekbones, lipstick or gloss visually increase or reduce lips. It is possible to take care also of new shape of eyebrows. Eyebrows emphasize eyes, do them more expressive and bright.

5. New clothes and footwear - integral part of transformation. It will be necessary to replace all the clothes and to change style. If earlier about heels there was no speech also, then now it is worth lodging them in the case. When the woman puts on shoes on high heel, its bearing and gait automatically changes. The lady becomes more graceful and reserved.

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