How competently to pick up blush

How competently to pick up blush

Blush gives to skin freshness, and to make-up - completeness. Besides they are capable to skulpturirovat the person, doing it to more graceful. But that blush has really made you more beautiful, they need to be picked up correctly. Unsuccessful means can lay down spots, emphasize roughnesses of skin or cause her irritation and dryness.


  1. Choose the means type which is the most suitable to you. For normal and oily skin the dry blush - pressed loose or in the form of balls are ideal. They will be pleasant to those who love difficult multilayer make-up with participation of base, tone means and powder. Such blush is applied over tone with special brush.
  2. If your skin too dry, powdery textures do not suit you. Choose soft creamy blush in jar or stika. They can be applied on tone means or directly to the skin which is previously moistened with cream. However to owners of the oily skin inclined to formation of comedones, such means will not approach - the make-up will just flow down from face, besides creamy blush can provoke emergence of new inflammations.
  3. Those who loves natural make-up with minimum of cosmetics will like novelty - blush in the form of gel or liquid pigment. Such means are applied to clean skin and carefully shaded fingertips. Gel and liquid blush does not contain fats and does not clog up pores. However they can dry up excessively dry skin even more.
  4. Having chosen texture, find suitable color of blush. If you look for universal remedy for every day, select it depending on tone of the person. Light skin will suit pink and coral blush of different shades, golden will add orange and copper tone, and swarty - plum and red-brown. Try the pressed blush mosaics uniting several shades. To achieve natural color, carry out by brush on all segments, having mixed tone, and apply the turned-out tone on cheekbones.
  5. Blush with damp or nacreous gloss, effect of shine or microscopic spangles will be suitable for special cases. Such means are ideal for evening - they are beautifully poured in the light of candles, soft lamps or bright spotlights.
  6. If you want to skulpturirovat the person, to take away cheeks and to emphasize cheekbones, choose blush in beige-brown scale. Also the fashionable novelty - the two-color powdery blush uniting pink pigment and dark bronzer will approach. Carry out on surface by flat brush and apply means on cheeks so that the pink shade has given healthy color to the face, and dark - has beautifully emphasized cheekbones.
  7. Having picked up suitable blush, try to try them, having used tester. It is especially important upon purchase of powdery means - very nice in packing, on skin they can look absolutely differently. Run finger over their surface, estimate softness, availability of spangles, intensity of color. Check whether blush will be showered. If everything is all right, safely buy - carefully picked up means will serve you long and will hardly bother.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team