How does paraffin affect skin?

How does paraffin affect skin?

Paraffin is widely applied in various areas: in cosmetology, in medicine at certain diagnoses, etc. Using regularly procedures with its use, it is possible to derive the mass of benefit for beauty and health.

The increasing popularity in the field of modern cosmetology is gained by paraffinotherapy. This procedure at regular application is capable to relieve muscular and articulate pains, weight in legs and hands.

In paraffinotherapy medical wax on the basis of vegetable oil which can be got in drugstore is applied.

Useful properties of paraffin

Paraffin excellently smoothes the shelled, rough, cracked and dry skin, gently softening it. It can be useful and effective also at such chronic skin diseases as psoriasis or eczema. Paraffinotherapy improves inflow of blood to area of influence, removes spasms of muscles, calms chronic joint pains, improves mobility at people with bursity, arthritis and other chronic diseases.


Paraffin is very often applied to various cosmetic procedures and in medicine. The moisturizing oil and wax during the procedure smooth and soften skin. Most effectively to use paraffinotherapy after the procedure of exfoliation. As paraffin opens all time, it perfectly helps to prepare skin.

It should be noted that paraffin also reduces age changes, gives tone and improves blood circulation.

Effect of paraffin

Paraffinotherapy represents type deeply of warming up. The special diluted paraffin wax excellently keeps and absorbs heat. To it there is the explanation. For example, when you immerse foot or hand in paraffin bath, wax warmly gradually comes to the area of influence. Over time paraffin hardens. Heat removes spasms, relieves pain and strengthens blood circulation. Paraffin holds moisture in the deep skin layers, effectively opening time. It strengthens intake of blood to integuments, helping to soften upper epidermis.

House paraffinotherapy

Paraffinotherapy can be conducted in house conditions, independently. For this purpose you will need specially intended accessories: terry towel, cellophane packages, food thermometer, 1 kg of medical paraffin. The kindled wax can be mixed with essential or aromatic oils. Correctly to carry out this procedure in house conditions, previously kindle paraffin. Leave it a little to be cooled up to 40-50 degrees. Previously take off from yourself all jewelry. Carefully wash up and dry up necessary sites of skin. Be accurate, do not touch hot ware. Cover with paraffin necessary parts of the body. After that impose atop cellophane and wrap towel. In 20-30 minutes accurately remove paraffin. It can be kept before the following procedure.

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