How effective anti-cellulite srub

How effective anti-cellulite srub

Now there are various ways on fight against cellulitis: it both wrappings, and srubs, and massage with cream, and many other things. All this well and is useful, but it should be taken into account that for obtaining real result it is necessary to do everything in complex.

It is required to you

  • - purchased srub or means of house preparation


1. The srub is means which contains abrasive parts in the structure - they can be the different sizes, is used for body and face care. On sale its wide range differing on the structure and form of release is provided. Producers often add there still additional components which strengthen action of srub.

2. If you have decided to struggle with cellulitis by means of srub, it is necessary to remember several things. First, there has to be complex influence which consists in healthy nutrition, physical activity and skin care. Secondly, cellulitis can be the cause of some disease: hormonal violations, problems with blood circulation, etc.; therefore for a start it is necessary solve this problem, otherwise, effect can't be.

3. Due to large number of persons interested to get rid of cellulitis more often it is possible to see on tube with srub the word ""anti-cellulite"". Time is demand, there will be also goods. When choosing for yourself suitable means surely read structure. If it contains many different additives and preservatives, then better you should not buy it, preference should be given to natural components.

4. Action of srub is based on peeling of the upper layer of the skin therefore it begins to be updated quicker, blood circulation and therefore, metabolism improves. It occurs at the expense of solid particles which surely are part of means. To exclude injury of skin, the srub surely contains soap base in the form of gel, emulsions. All other components in the form of oils, vitamins are, etc. necessary for bigger effect and also for food.

5. The anti-cellulite srub can be made and - on the had effect it will not concede in house conditions purchased, but you will be precisely sure of its naturalness. The most widespread products which can be used for its preparation are coffee, sea salt, sugar and various grain. They should be processed to rather small state since coarse particles can injure skin. It is possible to use one component, and it is possible to make mix of them. It is necessary to take shower gel or olive oil or cream as basis for srub, if desired to add essential oils - citrus, juniper oil, etc. have anti-cellulite property, but no more than 3 drops, differently it is possible to burn skin.

6. You should not use srubs every day since skin loses the protective layer, there is enough few times in week. It is necessary to put it with circular motions from top to down, and not vice versa, in stomach - on circular arrow. At this time there is also massage of body, but you should not be fond, there is enough 5-10 minutes. Some consider that the stronger they rub it in skin, the effect is better, it is so possible to do only with the sparing means with very fine particles. After shower it is desirable to use the moisturizing or nutritious cream.

7. The effect of use of anti-cellulite srub is - skin becomes more smooth and tightened and completely to get rid of cellulitis, it is necessary to enter physical activity and healthy nutrition into the way of life. If you eat a lot of sweet and fat, lying on sofa, then action from this means will be minimized.

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