How effectively hardware elos rejuvenation

How effectively hardware elos rejuvenation

The procedure elos rejuvenation allows to get rid of pigmentation, enlarged pores, wrinkles. The efficiency of the procedure is provided with combination of the intensive pulsing light to radio wave therapy.

The procedure is carried out by means of nozzles which have certain length of waves. In process melanin and hemoglobin of vessels which contains in pigmental formations selectively heats up. If it is about fight against pigmentation, use the smaller level of light influence. Such approach reduces the resilience of melanocytes and prepares them for action of radio waves. Electric impulse, passing through structures with the low level of resistance, destroys melanin, without mentioning surrounding skin cells.

The method elos rejuvenation was not developed as the separate procedure. Its positive impact has been noticed as side effect after carrying out photoepilation.

During the work with vessels the light influence heats blood hemoglobin which extends heat to walls of vessels, provoking their pasting and sklerozirovaniye.

elos rejuvenation has found the popularity first of all thanks to safety and high level of comfort. The tandem of radio waves and light impulse does elos to the most effective among not ablative methods of rejuvenation.

"Father" of method consider Swede Morgan Gustavson, famous in the world of cosmetology. He in the course of photoepilation has noticed positive changes on skin of patients.

Indications to use of this method is the superficial reticulum of small wrinkles, non-uniform complexion, pigmentation, enlarged pores and capillaries. Despite safety of method and lack of long rehabilitation term, elos-rejuvenation has the considerable list of contraindications: allergic reactions to the sun and light, pregnancy, keloid hems, availability of warm defibrillator or electrostimulator, malignancies on skin, excessive solar suntan, the herpes infection provoking appearance of eczema, and psoriasis. Temporary restrictions to holding procedure is the laser grinding of face skin executed less than three months ago, intake of retinoids within half a year and antibiotics of category of tetracyclines for the last month. Tightening of face contour, equal tone of skin are what those who go to the procedure dream of. But the return process is in rare instances started – skin becomes flabby, and face contour indistinct. Such result is possible if the procedure was carried out several times with interval less than a month. Consequences are directly connected with cycle of regeneration of skin which requires 28 days. The effective and safe instrument of rejuvenation elos procedures become only in hands of the skilled, highly qualified specialist. Special attention should be paid to question of the rehabilitation period. For 2-3 weeks after holding procedure it is necessary to refuse solar bathtubs. Carefully hide skin under cream layer with high sun-protection factor of not less SPF 50. In the next 72 hours the visit of bath, sunbed, infrared sauna and any heatings of skin is completely forbidden.

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