How effectively to get rid of cellulitis

How effectively to get rid of cellulitis

Beautiful smooth skin of body – treasured desire of many women. However problems with cellulitis quite often follow ways to perfection. It is possible to get rid of this illness in short terms if to use special complex of procedures.


1. To get rid of cellulitis in short terms, pay attention to the food allowance. Exclude the fried, fat and sweet dishes from the menu. The nutrition has to be healthy and balanced.

2. Take 2-3 times a week special anti-cellulite baths. For this purpose in the nearest drugstore or specialized shop buy sea salt and aromatic oil (grapefruit, orange or lemon). For improvement of effect before reception of bathtub make massage of problem zones with use of any anti-cellulite cream. After that take shower. Now pour water in bathtub. Temperature condition – 35-37 degrees. Add teaspoon of aromatic oil and 1 glass of sea salt to water 1. Time of reception of bathtub – 10-15 minutes. After that wipe body rough terry towel or damp bast. In 15-20 minutes be rinsed under cool shower to remove residues of sea salt from skin. You remember: this procedure has contraindications therefore surely consult with the expert.

3. You carry out 1-2 times a week the procedure of wrapping. Thus, you reach reduction of volume of problem zones and you will save your organism from excess liquid. For wrapping of body get srub, anti-cellulite cream, food wrap (wide), woolen blanket (plaid). For a start purify skin. For this purpose use body scrub, observing all recommendations specified on packing. After that take shower. Apply with massage movements on problem sites of skin anti-cellulite cream. Wrap them food wrap. You remember: you should not pull it too hardly not to break normal blood circulation. Now be wrapped up with warm blanket. 30-40 minutes later the remains of means wash away warm water or take contrast shower. If you during this procedure have felt strong burning of skin, stop session.

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