How effectively to struggle with cellulitis in house conditions

How effectively to struggle with cellulitis in house conditions

Cellulitis is one of the most widespread women's issues. It is possible to return to skin smoothness and elasticity in house conditions by means of special exercises and cosmetic procedures.

It is the best of all to begin to struggle with cellulitis at the first signs of its emergence. In this case chances of disposal of it are very high. It is necessary to use integrated approach for fight against cellulitis.


The main objective of anti-cellulite massage is improvement of blood circulation and lymph in hypodermic. It is better to carry out such massage in 2 hours prior to or after meal.

For anti-cellulite massage it is possible to buy special cream or to use usual with addition of essential oils. Movements of massage should not be too strong and intensive not to injure blood vessels.

It is necessary to begin massage of each zone with easy movements on the blood outflow course. In process it is necessary to increase gradually their force that skin has inflamed and has got pink shade.


Wrappings against cellulitis are very popular as it is easy to do them in house conditions. Also many women note visible effect after 1-2 procedures.

Honey and mustard wrapping. Mustard powder needs to be mixed with water, and then to add honey. To apply this weight on places with cellulitis and to wind with food wrap. From above it is possible to put on clothes or just to lay down under blanket. Time of the procedure is 30 minutes, but, at discomfort, it is necessary to stop wrapping at once. It is also possible to reduce amount of mustard powder in mix at the following procedure.

Important! It is necessary to be convinced in advance that you have no allergy to honey.


Various srubs are great assistants in fight against cellulitis. It can be both purchased means, and prepared in house conditions.

The coffee anti-cellulite srub enjoys special popularity. The recipe of its preparation is simple: ground coffee should be mixed with cream or shower gel and to apply on sites with ""orange-peel"". To massage the chosen places, and then to wash away the remains of srub by means of contrast shower.

Physical exercises

Physical activities are necessary for effective fight against cellulitis. Well run, fast walking, squats and moves legs approaches. For disposal of cellulitis standing and hips jumps on jump rope will help. If cellulitis on hands disturbs, then it is the best of all to carry out exercises with dumbbells. 

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