How exactly to cut hair

How exactly to cut hair

If you have sharp scissors, then it is optional to visit every month the hairdresser to shear tips of hair. It is quite possible to carry out this procedure independently. To know the main thing, how exactly to make it.

How independently to cut bang

For this purpose sharp scissors, mirror of the impressive sizes, hairbrush and hairpins of type of crocodiles will be necessary for you. If desired it is possible to prepare also spray if to you on temper to cut moist hair.

The simplest is to tonsure bang, it is well visible. When wetting locks do not forget that after drying the hair will become slightly shorter. Very well comb bang, turn scissors parallel to floor and cut off, since the center, and then passing to edges.

How exactly to shear the ends of long hair

Direct, long and not too thick hair can be cut, having divided them into parting in the middle, previously having moistened and having combed. Cut at first one half, having thrown on breast, then the second. Only cut not at once, but gradually. If hair dense and magnificent, such method of hairstyle does not approach. Carefully comb them and collect by means of elastic band in high tail. The tail needs to be thrown on the person and again to comb, it is possible to humidify. Collect the ends and grasp the left hand a little above potential cut. Cut off gradually, again comb and again collect, checking regarding the sticking-out hairs. Curls will demand more efforts, patience and skills. You divide them into parting in the middle, humidify and comb. Sideways allocate rather narrow lock, and pin up other hair. Disciplining scissors horizontally, cut off a few tips and be convinced of flatness of cut. Then allocate other lock and, trying on on the level of the first, straighten. Remove excess locks under hairpins. Thus, lock behind lock make even all hair, then comb. In your case, small flaws will be behind large curls. If you need to shear only split ends of hair, use the following hint. Separating on curl, twist locks in flagellum. Only the splitting hairs which and need to be cut off will stick out of it. So it is necessary to arrive with lock on all length. If you are afraid for the possible insignificant flaws arising during work get thinning shears which it is easy to profile the ends, then the hairstyle will look accurate. As you can see, to tonsure hair independently not so difficult task rather when it is necessary to straighten the ends on long hair. Such procedure will not suit girls with short hairstyles therefore nevertheless it is necessary to visit hairdressing salon.

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