How exactly to make up nails

How exactly to make up nails

Even the most beautiful varnish will look not in the best way if it is applied unevenly, on nails strips, and on cuticle - drips are visible. Accurately correctly picked up brush, patience and time spent on trainings will help to apply enamel. Never do manicure hurriedly. Exactly imposed varnish not only beautifully looks, but also keeps longer.

The choice of means for manicure

That varnish has laid down ideally exactly, it is important correct to choose means for manicure. It is the simplest to apply glossy enamel of bright and dark tones. Light varnishes much kaprizny, they can appear through and lay down strips. Also varnishes with nacre and opaque are not really plain in drawing. The last very quickly dry and can stiffen ugly hillocks.

If you are not sure that you will be able to make up nails in couple of minutes, do not buy quick-drying varnishes. They are fixed on nails instantly therefore it is necessary to put them with couple of exact dabs. Choose classical enamels, preferably more liquid. They are distributed on nails, hiding small roughnesses.

Surely use the leveling basis under varnish. It will smooth plate, varnish over base will lay down more accurately and will hold on longer. The brilliant top which is put over color varnish will help to record manicure. He will hide small roughnesses and will give to nails beautiful luster.

We paint nails by rules

Before starting coloring, make manicure. Cut off or remove cuticle, process side rollers, level length of nails. Then grind plates polishing bar. At first process nails more rough party removing grooves and then polish with soft nail buffer. Wipe plates with liquid for varnish removal. It will degrease nails and will improve coupling of varnish with plate. Cover nails with the leveling protective base. Carefully dry it and start coloring. Check whether varnish has thickened. If it seems to you too viscous, add several drops of thinner to bottle. Do not use liquid for removal of varnish or acetone, these means will spoil enamel. Mix varnish, having rubbed bottle between palms. Put hand on firm surface, for example on the table edge. Dip brush in bottle. Establish it in the center of plate, and then push to cuticle so that the edge of brush has precisely depicted cuticle. Then conduct brush along the side roller and to nail tip to the left. Once again dip brush and in the same way paint over the right part of nail. After that carry out by tips of hairs on plate face. Let's varnish dry and cover nails with the second layer. Try to gain the necessary amount of varnish that enamel did not spread on nail. Check covering density, having brought nails to light. On exactly made up plates strips or bald spots are not visible. If gleams nevertheless are noticeable, put one more varnish coat. Record manicure by means of top drying. Put it with thick layer and dry up covering. If about cuticle and side rollers enamel drips are noticeable, erase them the synthetic flat brush moistened in liquid for varnish removal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team