How for a long time to depilate undesirable

How for a long time to depilate undesirable

technologies allow to get rid of undesirable hair for long time or even forever. But what way is more preferable? As far as it is safe? The overview of the most demanded ways of epilation will allow to understand what of them will suit you.


  1. One of the most effective and at the same time safe ways of disposal of undesirable hair for long time or even forever is the electroepilation. It is made on hardware cosmetology by experts in beauty shops and in the medical centers. There are two types of electroepilation. The first and the most popular occurs quickly enough and rather without serious consequences. By means of special needle (thin electrode) the current destroys directly hair follicles. The second way – pintsetny. It is not popular because takes too much time: by means of tweezers electrode to you delete on one hair within one and a half-five minutes. Whatever way of electroepilation you have chosen, to you there will be not enough one session. Only for correction of eyebrows you need 2-3 sessions, and for disposal of hair standing or in bikini zone – 6-8. If you have high pain threshold, think properly before going for this treatment.
  2. The second in efficiency way of removal of hair for a long time is the laser epilation. As follows from the name, during the procedure are depilated by laser beam. It is necessary to remember that it allows to get rid of undesirable hair not forever, and only for some time. Besides, it is absolutely useless for owners of very fair and red hair. But, unlike electroepilation, the laser epilation is absolutely painless.
  3. For photoepilation not the laser, but krypton lamps is used. It significantly reduces the cost of the procedure, but on it pluses come to an end. The photoepilation is also inefficient for blondes and red, but also, can cause number of serious complications (hyperpegmentation and even burns) and has set of contraindications. It is possible to tell, it has become simply morally outdated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team