How for a long time to keep healthy nails, despite artificial covering

How for a long time to keep healthy nails, despite artificial covering

Many girls, increasing nails or doing covering by gel polish, do not cease to complain that at correction gel is burned down, and in process the socks suffer and ""native"" nails break. Simple councils and some facts about artificial covering will help you to avoid these problems.

Why bakes gel and gel polish in lamp

Material contains molecules. When it is in liquid state, molecules stay in chaotic order. But at influence of ultraviolet rays they ""disperse"" and built in rigid crystal lattice. This process lasts several seconds and for it we lie thermal energy is emitted. The more gel it is applied on nail, the heat is distinguished more and stronger the nail heats up. And the lamp power is higher, the quicker there is motion of the molecules and therefore the nail heats up stronger too.

To avoid strong burning, it is necessary to get at once hand from lamp and to support its some time at distance, but so that UF beams got on covering. The main part of reaction when there is rough allocation of heat, occurs at the very beginning of, further, overheating is felt less, or it is absent at all.

Than ""postmature"" gel polish is harmful

Gel and gel polish contain substances which provide strong coupling of nail and material. Over time effect of these substances amplifies and they get into upper layers of nail. Therefore, for removal of covering it will be required more drastic measures, such as cutting that can strongly injure nail. Therefore it is recommended to carry covering even if it well keeps - two weeks. The maximum term - three.

Than ""postmature"" gel is harmful

When grows nail tip, it becomes heavier than the most nail plate since the layer of artificial covering is applied on it. The center of gravity is displaced, and the nail of socklet bends down. Thereof there can be chips and painful cracks of natural nails. The increased nails are subject sock no more than four weeks.

If you conform to the strict rules, then manicure will bring you pleasure, and the covering will not harm, and to protect natural nails from chips and cracks. But it is necessary to do it at the good and checked master who conforms to all rules of coating application and works only with quality materials.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team