How forever to get rid of pimples on spin

How forever to get rid of pimples on spin

Pimples on spin – the most important enemy of good spirit. Soon the summer, is time undershirts and t-shirts for this reason there are more and more guys and girls care for that the skin on back was clean. But what to do if pimples after all have developed, and time for fight catastrophically is not enough?

For a start it is worth understanding because of what in general there are inflamed sites?

Very vigorous activity of sebaceous glands – they is the first reason and clog up pores. Because of it skin breath is broken, some places become uneven.

The second – the genetic information transferred from parents. It is explained by the fact that at the person congenital shortcomings of time with the wrong self-cleaning are observed.

The third reason - quality of clothes. Things from synthetics do not pass air, so, skin does not breathe and in it mud dust and sweat collect.

The fourth – stress. Yes, it – one of the main reasons of appearance of undesirable pimples. Tension of nerves directly affects work of hormones which participate in development of sebaceous glands.

The fifth reason – deficiency of vitamins B organism.

The sixth – puberty. During this period many hormones which increase diameter of time on skin because of what the probability of appearance of eels is high are formed.

How to purify back skin quickly?

  • It is more rare to wear clothes from synthetics. Things from cotton, linen or silk are considered as its best substitutes. Rough straps increase inflammatory processes.
  • Good method of fight is acceptance of bathtub with potassium permanganate. For this purpose dissolve small amount of kristallik to light pink shade. It is necessary to behave carefully – if to increase quantity of kristallik, then skin can become dry, and it is also possible to get severe burn! It is necessary to lie down in water no more than 20 minutes. At the end it is necessary to blot skin with soft towel, avoiding its tensions about fabric. This way to carry out not more often than once in 2 days.
  • Acceptance of solar bathtubs, campaign in sunbed – these methods are allowed, but only moderately. Large number of ultraviolet rays in no way will not help to cure inflammations. To exclude skin oils completely – they clog up pores and do not allow infection to come to light therefore inflammatory processes are dragged out for a long time.
  • 3% peroxide of hydrogen will help to get rid of problem sites if to it to process leather every day. Also calendula tincture will give the same effect.
  • The bathroom with curative herbs, for example, camomile, train, celandine not only will purify skin, but also will make it elastic.

If folk remedies guard, then it is possible to get the reliable tool helping to get rid for few days of pimples, it is Zinerit or Baziron.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team