How independently to cut bang

How independently to cut bang

The direct or slanting bang which is picked up taking into account specific features of the person is capable not only to disguise gracefully defects of skin and to smooth appearance shortcomings, but also to help with forming of new image. To cut bang, it is absolutely optional to address professionals, it is possible to make it and in house conditions if to adhere to simple recommendations.

We choose the correct bang

First of all it is necessary to find out what type of bang will most favourably emphasize advantages of your appearance: so, for example, direct bangs show to advantage on straight and thick hair; well supplement the hairstyles executed in caret or bean style; are ideal for persons with the correct lines.

The graduated bangs give to appearance softness and femininity. Such bangs are recommended for fine or curly hair; are well combined with cascade hairstyles; mask contrast between the grown and dyed hair; give expressiveness to the round, soft faces.

Correctly we hold scissors

In order that it is correct to cut bang and not to make gross blunders, it is necessary to learn to hold scissors competently: during bang hairstyle they have to settle down strictly horizontally. The thumb is put in the lower ring, anonymous – in upper; maintenance of balance provides the little finger taken a little aside if on scissors there is no special ringlet for this finger.

Equipment of hairstyle of bang

The hairstyle of direct bang is carried out on clean dry or slightly moist hair. Hair carefully comb, fix by hairpins, leaving only those locks on which the hairstyle is carried out. That the bang turned out identical on length, hair need to be held with hairbrush. The hairstyle is begun with the middle of bang, carrying out fast accurate movements. Being guided by length of control lock, straighten bang sides.

During hairstyle it is necessary to look in mirror directly before himself, without taking eye aside or up. This measure will allow to avoid involuntary pripodnimaniye of eyebrows from what the bang seems more long and there is risk to truncate it much more, than was planned initially.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team