How independently to cut hair

How independently to cut hair

Despite wide variety of hairdresser's services in modern beauty shops, not all people have time for visiting the hairdresser for regular hairstyle. If it is better to trust difficult hairstyles and unusual hairstyles to professionals, then the simple hairstyle of bang or straightening of edge of hair are simple actions which you will be able to carry out also without participation of the stylist, own hands in house conditions.


  1. For qualitative house hairstyle get good sharp hairdresser's scissors and also horn or rubber hairbrush with the rounded-off teeths. Cut only those places which are well visible to you.
  2. Do not cut blindly – it you can spoil to yourself all hairstyle. If you cut wet hair, remember that when drying length of hair is shortened on centimeter. Consider it when determining length of hairstyle.
  3. If you want to truncate bang, moisten it with water from spray and comb. Allocate locks which demand shortening, and cut off them on the flat line scissors, trying to give to locks identical length.
  4. For straightening of the ends of hair, humidify them, comb and collect in tail, having tied elastic band on nape.
  5. On the end of tail also fix elastic band. At the basis of the lower elastic band cut off tips of hair the machine for hairstyle. Such way will provide accurate, equal and natural cut.
  6. If you have curly hair, and they are required to be cut, comb them, having created parting in the middle. Extend locks, clamping them between fingers, and cut off at the necessary length. You watch that each subsequent lock corresponded on length previous. For this purpose take fingers at the same time two locks – already cut and new to cut off new lock on length cut.
  7. After that make side hair partings over temples and cut side zones of growth of hair, being guided by length of already cut locks and receding from this length of 1 cm. Spin which you do not cut at present, for convenience gather and fix by clip on the top that they did not prevent work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team