How independently to get rid of black dots

How independently to get rid of black dots

The problem of black dots is familiar, alas, to very much. Some have already reconciled to this problem, and some nevertheless continue to look for the decision. Actually, disposal of black dots is a lot of ways and it is not obligatory to go to salon, it is possible and to get rid of this problem of the house independently.

Masks against black dots

House masks against black dots are not worse fabulously expensive, acquired in shops at all. So, for example, you can prepare houses the most plain mask from gelatin and milk. Take 100 ml of milk and couple of tablespoons of gelatin. Warm milk, without bringing to boiling, and wet in it gelatin. In 15-20 minutes put the container with milk and gelatin on water bath and carefully mix until gelatin completely is dissolved.

Mix needs to be applied with cotton pad on problem sites. The gelatinous mask has to be thick and multilayer therefore as soon as the first layer dries up, you need to put the second. While the mask "stiffens", you need to observe rest not to damage it. Then just pick up film at edge of chin and pull up. Wash cool water and grease face with the moisturizing cream.

Srubs against black dotsCertainly, the srub against black dots can be got also in shop, but prepared in house conditions, it will bypass to you much cheaper and the structure can be varied. So, for preparation of house srub it is required to you – honey or olive oil for the softening basis, and as abrasive it is possible to use sugar, salt or apricot stones.

The house srub can also include fermented milk products, coffee thick, fruit or berries – everything depends on type of your skin and the end result. The most important – after preparation of srub surely test it on wrist.

Here the recipe of simple srub – mix 4 tablespoons of natural yogurt and with one teaspoon of salt, then add one teaspoon of juice of lemon and tablespoon of honey there. Once again carefully mix and you put with smooth massage movements. It is possible to apply two layers of srub on especially problem zones. Leave structure for ten minutes, and then wash away cool water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team