How independently to make breast of more elastic

How independently to make breast of more elastic

There are many reasons which lead to deterioration in form, elasticity of breast. Therefore it is required to look after the bust that she always remained brought up and beautiful. Actually it is not so difficult, it is only necessary to pay attention to condition of skin, to regularly make special exercises, procedures for strengthening.


It is extremely important to do special exercises for breast muscles. They are absolutely simple, it is not required to devote much time to them. The first exercise is done as follows: lay down on floor, part hands in the parties. Further strain muscles of hands, deeply inhale, raise thorax. Repeat as at least fifteen times.

The second exercise is done standing. Legs have to be located at shoulder length. Arrange on hip the left hand. And draw with the right hand in air big circle, at the same time properly strain breast muscles. Thus it is necessary to describe three circles, further it is necessary to repeat exercise for other hand. Repetitions there have to be ten times. Exercise is expedited. It is desirable to increase further load of breast muscles – do exercise with dumbbells.

The third exercise is done lying. At first bend legs in knees. Now stupnyam lean against floor. Begin to raise hands with small dumbbells up. You part slowly hands in the parties, without concerning them floor. You have to feel how pectoral muscles strain. At first maybe it is difficult, you will test tension in muscles, but regular trainings will correct it, it will be very easy for you to raise level over and over again!

Cosmetic procedures

There are many cosmetics for breast, decollete zones: various cream, gels, oils and so on. Houses you can do plain masks for bust: mix equal amount of olive oil, cottage cheese, sour cream and honey. Apply to skin, wash away after full drying.

And it is so best of all to buy complex set of means for breast care, further to combine such procedures with the listed above exercises. Believe, the result will be more visible.


This quite simple means which will help to make breast of more elastic. And, above all – massage is effective remedy! And on availability, perhaps, it is possible to call this means one of the first. Only it is necessary to do it correctly, otherwise you can simply stretch mammary glands. Therefore usually for such massage address professionals.

Water procedures

Cool water causes rush of blood, it is capable to improve blood circulation, to strengthen vessels, having made skin more elastic, elastic. Pour over breast with circular motions by cool water, then pound skin towel to give additional tone. It is the best of all to make such procedure since morning – it still not bad invigorates! It is very simple – and shower to take and to make something useful to the health.

As you can see, if to follow simple rules on breast care, then it will please you with the elasticity. So do not forget to pay on an equal basis with skin and hair attention and this part of body! It is better to begin it with young age that then it was not necessary to apply more than forces for its restoration.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team