How independently to make cone

How independently to make cone

Cone – elegant and accurate hairstyle which both the girl, and the adult woman can carry. Advantage of this braid which is called still French, that it is possible to do it both of long, and of short hair. If you are able to do usual plait, to you will not make special work to make to itself and cone.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush;
  • - elastic band, tape or hairpin;
  • - 2 mirrors.


  1. Well comb hair and comb them back. No special hairbrush in this case is necessary, use that which you comb hair always. It is necessary to comb hair, adhering to their natural direction, from tips, gradually moving ahead to the top. Zachesyvaniye back – the last stage of preparation.
  2. If you never spun cone, it is better to conduct the first experiment, having got up between two mirrors. The big mirror has to be directly before you, small – behind that it was visible how your braid lays down. Further it will be possible to do such hair in general without mirror.
  3. Take three small locks at forehead. Average has to settle down strictly over the middle of forehead. You hold the right lock in the right hand, in left – average and left.
  4. Carry out the right lock over average, intercept it middle finger of the left hand and carry out under the left lock, having at the same time intercepted average lock the right hand.
  5. Attach to locks which became extreme now on small lock. Just as in the previous step, carry out the right lock over average, intercept it the left hand, and average lock – right. Continue to spin to nape. If thick hair, it is necessary to interweave new locks at each interlacing. At limp rare hair attach new bunches of hair through two, and even through three interlacings.
  6. It is possible to finish hairstyle in several ways. For example, to braid the ordinary spit from nape, having fixed the end by tape, hairpin or elastic band. It is possible to collect at once at nape hair in tail.
  7. The cone can become basis of several effective modern hairstyles. Now plaits can be done in any direction. It is especially popular among those who love clothes in folklore style. To begin to spin cone it is possible from any place. For example, from the right temple. Just as when weaving the ordinary French spit, take three locks and make the first interlacing.
  8. Gradually attach other locks, without forgetting to control the direction of braid. It is possible to lay braid to nape or to the left ear. It is possible to lay in general braid "snake". On such hairstyle wooden or leather hairpins will well look.
  9. To braid two cones, comb hair and divide them parting in the middle. Take three locks on the site between hair parting and the right temple. Spin cone parallel to hair parting. The braid behind the right ear where it can be fixed by elastic band will end or to continue by the ordinary spit. Symmetrically weave the second cone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team