How independently to recover hair?

How independently to recover hair?

Beauty of your hair leaves much to be desired? Every day you notice how the appearance of hair worsens? At the same time yet there are no funds for visit of salon? Excellent exit will be to make independently mask for hair which will help you at their restoration and if to use them regularly, you will notice changes to the best.

It is required to you

  • You need only your desire, and not expensive ingredients which are part of these magnificent masks. You need to choose that what to approach under your type of hair, to prepare it, to put, and to enjoy result. Natural substances which are part of masks work much quicker, than masks, with chemical composition.


1. The mask from oblepikhiva to be necessary: • quarter of glass of milk • 20 grams of the white, purified clay • 3 spoons of berries of sea-buckthorn (table) Berries should be pounded in mortar to homogeneous mass, and then, to add clay and to pour in milk, stirring slowly with the turned-out weight. To put approximately for forty minutes, after to wash away, and then to wash up the head shampoo.

2. The mask with avokadova to be necessary: • 2 spoons of honey (dining rooms) • 3 spoons of oil of sea-buckthorn (dining rooms) • pulp of one very ripe to avokadosmeshat all ingredients, and after to apply on clean hair on half of hour and after to rinse them with warm water

3. The mask from nettle (restoring) to be necessary for you: • 400 grams of leaves of fresh nettle • 1 spoon of mayonnaise (dining room) • 2 full glasses of boiled water • 1 segment of the crushed garlic • 1 spoon of honey • yolk one yaytsakrapiva it is necessary to trouble boiled water, to insist about thirty minutes, and after – to filter. Garlic is pounded together with honey, yolk, and mayonnaise. After that to fill in this weight with nettle broth, to mix up to the dense weight, to apply plentifully on all length of hair, and then to leave for hour. To wash with shampoo.

4. The mask to be necessary for kislomolochnayava: • glass of already acid milk • 2 drops of oil of rosemary • 2 drops of any oil, radio • 2 spoons of oil to olivysmeshat all components, to apply on hair, to wrap towel. After hour to wash away with shampoo use.

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