How independently to remove bags under eyes

How independently to remove bags under eyes

Work, chronic fatigue and the wrong food negatively affect appearance. First of all it concerns puffiness of lower eyelids. To make toilet and to get rid of bags under eyes it can do to any person.

It is required to you

  • ice, camomile, mint, potato, tea bags, egg white, the cooled milk


1. Bags under eyes will be removed by the most usual ice from the fridge. Wipe with it the person and hypostases under eyes will become much less. The person will have fresh appearance if instead of usual water you freeze infusion of camomile, parsley, sage or mint.

2. The mask from potatoes will help to return you the lost beauty. Boil vegetable in uniform, cool, divide into two parts and apply to the place of hypostasis. It is possible to use and crude potatoes – grate it, turn in gauze and put to the places which have swelled on face.

3. One more vegetable which will help with fight against fatigue is cucumber. It needs to be cut circles and to put in the deep freeze to be cooled. Apply cold cucumber to hypostases – it will help to remove bags under eyes.

4. Excellent hypostases medicine are the made tea bags. Having drunk tasty to tea, put the used bags for ten minutes by centuries. For the best effect it is possible to do contrast applyings by hot and cold bags alternately.

5. The mask from egg white quickly and easily will help to return to your person former freshness. Beat egg white in dense foam and apply it on lower eyelid with cosmetic brush. After full drying wash face warm water and use the moisturizing cream.

6. The cooled milk – one more good means in pocket-eyed fight. Pour cream or fat milk in coffee cup, add piece of ice. In the received liquid moisten cotton pads and put them on the closed eyelids. For the best effect the procedure can be repeated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team