How independently to restore health of nails after building

How independently to restore health of nails after building

Beautiful nails for some – dream. But thanks to modern technologies it became very easily feasible. Nail extension is one of the most widespread procedures in beauty shops now. However after ladies remove the increased nails, they face other problem – recovery of nails after building.

Procedures for recovery of nails

Certainly, after you remove the increased nails in salon, the master can offer you the procedure for improvement of condition of nails – closing. Roughly speaking is special polish with use of substances which are rubbed in plate of nail and kind of stick together nail scales. At the same time the nail plate becomes more well-groomed and brilliant. Closing helps to avoid pain which very often accompanies the procedure of removal of the increased nails.

Also in salon can offer you covering of nails biogel. This procedure allows to protect nails and gives them some time for restoration. By the way, in some beauty shops can offer you special complexes which you can apply on nails independently.

Recovery of nails in house conditionsOf course, saloon procedures are effective, but is at them and one shortcoming – they are quite expensive. But there are also available ways allowing to recover nails after building. First of all you need to accustom itself to cut off the growing marigold as they fragile and thinned.

Excellent means for recovery of nails are baths with sea salt. Take salt teaspoon, three drops of juice of lemon or any essential oil to do them very simply – on glass of warm water. Nails it is necessary to keep about a quarter of hour in such bath, then to wipe and massage carefully with olive oil, oil of sea-buckthorn or peach – what you have more to liking.

One more original means for nails – potatoes, it was used still by our pra-great-great-grandmothers. Boil potatoes, make puree and apply it on fingers. It is very important to track that potatoes were not too hot not to burn fingers and not to injure nails even more. Then place hand in plastic bag and you hold there until potatoes cool down, then rinse hands and grease with cream. Berry masks for nails have the strengthening effect. Just mash berries and apply gruel on nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team