How it is correct to girl to pick up hairstyle?

How it is correct to girl to pick up hairstyle?

Often, coming to salon, ladies describe to the master hairstyle which was seen on some famous person. At the end of work all of them equally are not satisfied because the hairstyle does not cause the same delight on the customer what caused on star. For this reason, having seen the interesting and pleasant hairstyle model, it is necessary to think also volume whether it suits you.

Shape of face


In this case distances from forehead to chin and between edges of cheekbones are identical, and the line of chin smooth, rounded off. Emphasis should be placed on extending face. Best of all hairstyles with long hair will approach, but if on temper short length, then is better to choose step option.

Square. The above-stated distances are also identical, but the line of chin more angular and direct. In this case you will suit high hairstyles of various length.

The oval face is considered ideal. And if you the happy owner of this kind, then suit you any hairstyles and bangs.

Consider growth

Tall girls will suit long hair. Short will do the head less in comparison with all length of body.

Owners of small growth have to prefer short hairstyles.

Be guided by parts of the face

If you possess outstanding nose, then it can be hidden behind bang. The turned-up nose will look much more lovely with the lifted hairstyle.

Small features are in harmony with small curlies.

By means of magnificent hairstyle and big curls it is possible to correct close put eyes.

The ears which are not satisfying with the size or form can be hidden also under magnificent hairstyle.

Type of hair

Owners of hair of fat type are recommended to carry magnificent hairstyles, short or average length.

Those who has dry hair need to have hairstyles which do not demand special care and laying. Girls with rare hair should choose hairstyles of so-called fragmentary type, from average to the minimum length.

Curls of a various type are not suitable for thick hair, but hairstyles of average length with various types of bangs will look very harmoniously.

Any person will suit curls, but at their forming it is necessary to take the natural direction of growth of hair into account.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team