How it is correct to look after skin? Useful tips and recommendations

How it is correct to look after skin? Useful tips and recommendations

Skin care for the maximum efficiency should not include any difficult manipulations.

  • Regular walks on the street. Not necessarily, but it is very desirable that walks were daily and passed outside city line, far from dust, exhaust gases and noise.
  • Consumption of liquid has to be not less than 40 grams of water on 1000 grams of body weight. It is extremely important that water was qualitative.
  • By sight and the condition of skin has not the last impact also quality of the food consumed by the person. In format of this situation it is extremely important to organize the correct, full-fledged and healthy diet.
  • The dream has to be qualitative, and it for achievement of effect cannot be less than 8 hours a day.

 These procedures are the main and rather important. If to ignore at least one point from the list above, then even even you should not tell the most expensive and vaunted cosmetic meetings about efficiency.

If conditions from the list are satisfied above, then it is necessary to begin the next stage of care for skin. He assumes some simple cosmetic procedures which implementation will not take away a lot of time. Those procedures are:

  • Putting creams. Among them have to be moistening and nutritious.
  • Causing tonic structures. Usually as those masks act.
  • Effective and correct clarification of integument.

 Speaking about skin clarification, it is worth specifying that here it is not only about cosmetic procedures, how many about banal, but extremely significant timely removal of already applied cosmetics. It is the more effective and most correct to use for this purpose mizzelyarny water and special skin. Such procedures should be performed in the evening. It is rather simple to wash with use of water of neutral temperature in the morning, to wipe face soft fabric from natural fabric and with use of tonic lotions. Any specific skin care since morning is not required as the main load of integument appears during the period from morning to evening, but not from evening to the morning in any way.

 Selection of the cleaning means has to be carried out proceeding from about what type of skin it is. For fat - mizzelyarny water. For dry and normal - milk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team