How it is correct to make pile on long hair? Councils for effective hairstyle

How it is correct to make pile on long hair? Councils for effective hairstyle

By means of pile the hairstyle can give missing volume. Creating laying, observe measure, otherwise it will look too bulky and not naturally. There are modern technicians of pile who keep smoothness and hair shine.

The pile is not old-fashioned hairstyle. However carry out it only if it is combined with shape of face and type of hair. Before work with hair it is necessary to wash up the head and to dry. The pile cannot be done on wet hair as it can cause fragility and stratifying. If you wish to raise hairstyle, do pile on the top. The pile draws attention to shape of face on each side and can change it.

If you have narrow profile of the person, do not do excessively high hair which opens forehead. You will suit flowing hair with pile on the top more. By the way, such hairstyle suits most of women regardless of shape of face.

If you have long hair, the main task is to raise them at roots. For creation of festive laying it is necessary to raise hair approximately on quarter of length. The following tools will be necessary for you for performance of beautiful pile: hairbrush with small and frequent teeths, massage brush with natural bristle, mousse for laying, hairspray.

During performance of pile it is possible to do massage of the head. Thanks to it food of hair bulbs improves.

The pile has to be competent. Remember that under own weight the laying can fall very quickly. Therefore surely process locks mousse. After that separate upper layer of hair. These locks should be combed on as they will cover ready hairstyle and to give it natural look. Further begin to comb the remained hair in the direction from roots to tips. It is not necessary to do sharp movements.

Carry out pile smoothly and accurately not to injure hair. Do not try to comb one movement hair on all length. Volume will gradually appear. In the beginning comb one site of hair, then you pass to another. When you comb all hair, give to hairstyle the desirable form by means of hairbrush with soft bristle. Usually hair are combed back by smooth and accurate movements. Now cover the created pile with those hair which you specially left for this purpose. Record hairstyle varnish.

If hair dense and heavy, fix each lock hairspray. So the ready pile will hold on much longer. On fine and soft hair the fixing by varnish is not obligatory.

In order that laying looked naturally, use varnish of weak or average fixing. Earlier for pile the special foam lining was used. It it was necessary to arrange under hair and to pin up hairpins that foam rubber has not dropped out. The pile became especially popular after release of the movie "The Babette Takes the Field". In it the main character Brigitte Bardot showed to the world negligent and romantic option of pile. Having seen beautiful laying at cinema, women began to reproduce it in life. This hairstyle became the real hit of the 60th years. You should not do too often pile as hair from it lose force. You do not go to bed with the combed laying at all. For night of lock will strongly be confused, and in the morning they will be difficult to be combed. To remove pile, wash up hair. And in the beginning you apply on them the smoothing balm which will help to untangle locks. And then use shampoo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team