How it is correct to sunbathe in the sun

How it is correct to sunbathe in the sun

sunbathed body looks more fit and beautiful and as it is possible to refuse in pleasure to luxuriate to himself under warm beams of the sun, however pleasure this relative. Dermatologists claim that there is nothing more dangerously for our skin, than solar burn which to avoid not so difficult. The main thing to observe necessary precautionary measures and not to forget about insidiousness of invisible ultraviolet.


  1. Our skin is capable to resist to influence of ultraviolet rays, but is very short. Everything depends on type of skin and age of her owner. The most vulnerable in this plan children's skin is considered. It is capable to counteract radiation within 5 minutes. Exactly as much skin and at white-skinned blondes maintains. But even black people are capable to hold on about 40 minutes then also it to have to be given. Solar burns are very unpleasant and painful, besides each of them increases risk of disease of skin cancer.
  2. Therefore never you come to the sun, without having smeared with sunblock cream. The your skin is lighter, the above there has to be protective factor. Meets many people complaining that they used cream and all the same stupnyakh. And on them, by the way, there is the lightest and defenseless skin.
  3. Having arrived to holiday, do not rush at once under the scorching sun. Try to sunbathe in those hours when to the sun it is far to zenith, in the morning and in the evening. Also you leave at once as soon as you feel what begins to warm. Gradually stay time for the sun can be increased, but to stop using cream all the same it is impossible.
  4. Sunbathing, try to remain in the movement, so your suntan will be uniform and chances to burn at you will become many times less at once. However you remember that water washes away even water-repellent cream therefore after each bathing update its layer on your skin.
  5. Ultra-violet radiation is capable to get through clouds, clothes and in certain cases even through car glass. Therefore you should not hope for cloudy weather or the light shirt thrown shoulders. If you feel that you already have managed to be roasted slightly, fade into the background, otherwise the burn is guaranteed to you.
  6. After each solar bathtub grease skin with the special moisturizing cream after suntan. Also do not forget to drink much. Your organism needs moistening not only outside, but also from within.

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