How it is easy to grow hair?

How it is easy to grow hair?

Whether there was to you it that having visited at the stylist, to you cut off much more hair, than you expected? And can you just you want to grow long hair? Then read lower than several small, however effective councils.


  1. The first and the most important in our aspiration to grow long and beautiful hair is refusal of addictions. We have to realize the simple rule - everything goes from within. Respectively, the healthy nutrition also is the tool to otrashchivaniye of hair. It is necessary to eat daily vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, milk. It is only part of products which contain number of useful substances and amino acids.
  2. Now we will talk about the leaving. First, I recommend to you to replace hairbrush. It surely has to be wooden. Other materials just injure head skin. Then pay attention to that as well as what you wash the head with. It is desirable to wash the head with warm water, and to rinse cool. For rinsing of hair also I recommend broths of herbs (nettle, camomile, rosemary). With their help you receive tremendous hair shine. It is better to choose hair preparations without parabens and silicones. Such substances behave aggressively and dry hair. Buy shampoos, balms and masks with the mark ""For Growth of Hair"". After washing do not comb wet hair at all, dry them towel and let's dry in the natural way.
  3. Except basic care also additional is necessary. Hair need natural means. Further we will talk about house masks for hair. The most effective mask for growth of hair is the mask with mustard and oils. The recipe is simple. Take 1 tablespoon of mustard and mix it with 2 tablespoons of hot water. Well stir and add the kindled honey (it is possible to replace with sugar). In the received mix pour in oils: burdock, olive, wheat germs. Mix all, weight has to remind liquid sour cream. Apply our herb on dry dirty hair on hair partings, and oil other length coconut. Then wrap up the head food wrap and also use usual unnecessary cap. Take mask on the head of 30-60 minutes. Then wash away cool water. Wash the head usual shampoo. Such mask can be done once a week.
  4. In otrashchivaniye periodic visits of beauty shop will be useful. It is necessary approximately time in 3 months to straighten tips of hair for the purpose of prevention of section. I recommend to try the procedure of keratinaceous hair recovery. Hair consist of keratin and this procedure fills its absence in hair. Under the influence of heat the keratin gets into hair and is sealed in it, making heavier and feeding. This procedure is recommended to girls with the injured hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team