How just to look after itself in house conditions

How just to look after itself in house conditions

In vanity of everyday life happens very difficult to allocate time for itself favourite: house, work, family, children, cleaning, cooking. On beauty shops of means it is a pity and time cannot be allocated. To look always perfectly well, it appears, not a lot of time is necessary. There will be enough 20-30 minutes.

The main thing in personal care in house conditions – regularity and the accurate plan. Initially unpack it on the sheet of paper and hang up to the bathroom. Sohn, requiring care, is not a lot of. This person and neck, body, hands, legs and hair. Distribute these zones on days of the week, think what procedures you want to make to keep within 20-30 minutes, and plan it is ready. For example, it can look as follows.

Monday. Body. We include shower, we enjoy and relax minutes 2-3, then we apply srub on body, we are carefully scrubbed. After the srub is washed away, it is possible to process problem zones (most often it is stomach, hips and buttocks) special rigid bast or mitten. We have a shower bath cool water, we are wiped, we apply milk or body balm to skin (or it can be nutritious oil or anti-cellulite cream).

Tuesday. Face and neck. We remove make-up by means of milk or skin, then deep cleansing (srub or peeling), we put nutritious or moisturizing mask on face, neck, we impose patch mask around eyes, in 10 minutes of mask we wash away. After masks it is possible to wipe face with tonic, to put favourite cream on face and around eyes, it is better not to smear cream on skin, and to drive in it with finger-tips, it will be peculiar massage for the person. In end it is possible to apply nutritious oil on eyelashes and balm on lips.

Wednesday. Hair. We wash the head, for 15 minutes we put nutritious mask (we select any depending on type of your hair) after the mask is washed away, we apply the conditioner or balm on hair. For today it is enough.

Thursday. Hands. For 7 minutes we immerse hands in warm water with sea salt, in the way habitual to you we get rid of cuticle (we shift, we cut off or we dissolve), we give the form to nails, we oil nails specialized or ayevity. The design and covering of nails is delicious at will. We grease hands with the nutritious or moisturizing cream.

Friday. Legs. For a start - leg bath for about 10-12 minutes, then by bast with soap it is pounded foot, toes, nails, we rub pumice. We apply nutritious cream. We put nails in order, we cut, we file, if desired we apply nail varnish.

Saturday and Sunday – days off. It is possible to do nothing, it is possible to begin cycle anew, and it is possible to devote one of days to himself favourite in general – to take bath with fluffy skin of the house or to meet in sauna girlfriends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team