How longer to keep suntan after the holiday

How longer to keep suntan after the holiday

Everyone wants, having returned from holiday, as long as possible to keep this beautiful suntan. And it can be done, if it is correct to look after skin. Plus — it will help to recover skin after long stay under the sun. 

Within two weeks after return from holiday in skin the production of melanin continues, and you do not stop darkening. It is natural reaction of organism, but it can be strengthened by means of antioxidants of natural origin: beta carotene,  vitamin C and  vitamin E. It is possible to find many vitamin complexes on the basis of these substances in drugstores. If upon return home to begin to accept them, suntan  will become even more beautiful, will get golden shade. Besides antioxidants slow down skin aging process.

From influence of the sun skin has become thinner, all aggressive procedures are contraindicated to it. They not only affect color of suntan, but also have negative effect on skin. Refrain from peelings and use of srubs within 2–3 weeks — so much time is required to skin to be restored. During its this period it is necessary to humidify and feed with fat creams and oils intensively.

In two weeks when natural production of melanin slows down, it is possible to fill up the diet with products which will help to support available suntan. Treat them: carrots, pumpkin, red pepper, tomatoes, bananas, apricots, peaches, red currant and melon. If to use them every day, suntan will hold on  1-3 more months. However, you should not eat the listed vegetables, fruit and berries more, than on half a kilo a day.

After 50-55 the stay in the sun can lead to emergence of pigmental spots. Therefore at this age it is better to concentrate attention not on suntan maintenance, and on protection against the sun. The use of antioxidants and vitamins will help with it, they will promote neutralization of free radicals and will prevent skin aging.

After rest in the south do not try to keep suntan by means of sunbed. Skin has already received strong UF-loading, and additional radiation can provoke photoageing and also formation of pigmental spots, birthmarks and couperosis.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team