How longer to keep youth

How longer to keep youth

is the remarkable time full of bright emotions and feelings. To keep this state of mind and bodies advice of scientists and cosmetologists who suggest not to be obsessed only with appearance as long as possible help.


  1. The important rule of preservation of youth for a long time – stable weight. Normal the weight of the person can fluctuate within 2-3 kilograms. If you strongly fight against fat deposits, you need or to correct food so that to lose weight and to recover, or to keep weight at the available level. Any diets very badly affect health of skin and if periodically to recover, to grow thin, on it surely there will be extensions and wrinkles.
  2. Products – vegetables, fruit, berries, meat, cereals have to form the basis of your diet vitamin-rich and active agents. Especially well carrots, bilberry, celery and parsley slow down aging. It is not necessary to avoid completely and fats. Unsaturated fats rejuvenate organism and help to get rid of wrinkles. They contain in avocado, olive oil, nuts, fat sea fish – salmon, salmon, Siberian salmon.
  3. Move more – youth without activity is impossible. Do not force themselves to do that there is no wish. Choose such type of activity which will bring you joy and pleasure. It can be dances, swimming, run, foot walks, driving the bicycle, skating. Frequent and high-quality sex, by the way, is also great way for a long time to keep youth.
  4. Provide to the organism enough oxygen. Clean air is necessary for good metabolism, the shining skin, healthy hair. Try to walk in any weather, in the morning and in the evening. If there is opportunity, visit the mountain or sea resorts which are famous for curative air. Before going to bed surely air the room that your night rest was good.
  5. Do not subject organism to the strengthened influence of the sun. Ultraviolet overdries skin, reduces its elasticity and causes the strengthened education of free radicals. Before exit to the street you apply sunblock cream which will reduce harm from influence of ultraviolet on open sites of the face and body. And in especially hot hours try to be in shadow.
  6. Moisturize the skin outside and from within. Drink more clear water, during heat spray skin with thermal water, wipe with the moistening napkins. Pay attention and to national councils for care for skin. Do house masks of clay, honey, juice of berries, fruit and vegetables. Freeze infusions of herbs and wipe with them face in the mornings.
  7. You do not aim in any way to erase any signs of time. The stiffened person and too tense skin look unnaturally, is even frightening. Grow old beautifully so that wrinkles at eyes reminded the cheerful rays speaking to all about your cheerfulness. Do not forget that youth is love for itself, thirst of life, desire to learn, be surprised and rejoice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team