How many face cream is necessary for skin

How many face cream is necessary for skin

Creams, as well as any other cosmetics, it is necessary to put intelligently. Economy of means will not result in due results of improvement of skin, and the surplus can lead to unexpected consequences. Correctly picked up amount of cream for skin will well influence and will result in due effects.

Day face cream

It is necessary to approach putting day cream with all gravity. Otherwise on skin the allergic reaction can be shown. Also excessive putting day cream can lead to change of type of skin. Cream in strictly taken away zones is applied. The total amount of cream demanded to face skin - 2 peas. They also need to be distributed evenly on all person. For this purpose about 1 drops of cream are applied on each cheek, forehead and nose, and what remained from 2 peas, is distributed on chin skin.

Night face skin cream

Most often night cream on the structure much more fatly is also more nutritious than day. Therefore and it is necessary to put it less. For skin will be enough and 1 peas of cream. If cream cannot be distributed evenly on all person, then it is necessary just to moisturize the skin. Cream has to be rather warm and then process of its drawing will be much simpler.

It is the best of all to carry out the procedure in 2 hours prior to dream, and in 1.5 hours it is worth blotting skin with napkin to remove surplus of cream.

It is worth to remember that the excess of night cream will not allow skin to breathe. And its shortcoming will result in dryness of skin. Especially it is noticeable in the winter.

One more council: night and day cream it is the best of all to buy one firm and one series.

Skin cream around eyes

This type of cream the most expensive of all. But also duration of use of 1 jar pretty long. On processing of each party about only 1 drop of means will need. Best of all to distribute eye cream ring finger. It is connected with the fact that this finger is considered the weakest and will not be able to do harm to sensitive skin. If cream is applied with the special applicator, then it is necessary to control that pressing were not strong.

The tone, adjusting and masking creams

These creams for giving of uniformity of skin color and concealment of defects are applied. In other cases it is better not to apply them in general. It is also desirable to avoid use of the adjusting creams in the flying. On the structure they very dense, do not allow skin to breathe and clog up pores.

The excessive amount of such cream will lead to rashes which cannot be hidden then. Besides the excess of cream will be visible to people around. Therefore it is put in the amount of no more than 1 pea. Some creams have the fixed dosage. In that case there will be enough 1 dose for processing of all person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team